Hungarian Village For Rent, Including Livestock And Chance To Be Deputy Mayor

Fancy renting an entire Hungarian village for a mere $750 a day? Megyer in Hungary is the perfect destination for a group wishing to get away into the fresh air and countryside, and you can even be deputy mayor for a while.

The Independent reports the tiny village of Megyer in Hungary has a population of 18. Located in the countryside in the north west of the country, it is apparently the perfect spot for some absolute peace and quiet.

Apparently, the mayor is trying to raise some money for some much needed upgrades to the attractive 11th century hamlet and came up with what could be the perfect idea.

Now, groups or families can rent the entire village, including all four streets, guest houses sleeping a total of 39 people, a barn, and a bus stop.

There’s some livestock thrown in too for authenticity, including two cows, three sheep, six horses and a whole chicken yard. In fact, normally there are more animals in this tiny town than there are humans.

For spending a mere $750 a day, you can end up renting all this, plus get the temporary title of Deputy Mayor. Guests can even rename the village streets to their liking during their stay.

The village is conveniently placed 120 miles (190 kilometers) away from Budapest, and Mayor Kristof Pajer said he is hoping to attract companies wishing to use the town for corporate team-building events.

Fox News quotes Pajer as saying they offer all kinds of programs to their guests, but the quiet in the remote area of the countryside is definitely the main draw.

“We offer all sorts of programs to our guests, but most are simply captivated by the surroundings and the quiet. Once they sit out in the meadow with a bottle of rose wine, nothing else matters.”

Wise words indeed.

Across the pond from Hungary, yet another mayor has come up with an excellent idea. The Mayor of Hollywood, Florida has called for GMO-free vending machines in all the city-owned buildings in town and is also calling for healthier offerings in the machines.

[Image: Cows in a field in Hungary CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 viteez]