Justin Bieber Celebrates 21st Birthday On Beliebers Island – And Here’s What Happened, From Beer To Beauties [Video]

Justin Bieber celebrated his 21st birthday on a remote island with a lively party filled with Beliebers. The exuberant rock star finally came of age to drink alcohol – and he couldn’t resist from chugging down the champagne, according to the Daily Mail.

In order to make sure he had enough room, Justin rented a private Caribbean island. The party began Saturday, and then broke into midnight madness when Bieber began the official birthday celebration with champagne and Corona Light bottles.

Rather than dress up for the occasion, Bieber dressed down. Off with the shirt, attired in a chic pair of boxers and basketball shorts, Justin shimmied with Hailey Baldwin, who is rumored to be his girlfriend.

However, according to TMZ, Hailey wasn’t the only pretty woman at Justin’s 21st birthday. He also partied with a model, Yovanna Ventura.

Although Justin let loose for his birthday, he’s been trying to change his public image in recent months by appearing on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show repeatedly, reported the Houston Chronicle.

Bieber offered up a mea culpa for his past behavior, and revealed that he does care what people think of him.

“It was the first time I was on television for a long time and I just was worried about what people were thinking about me. Like I said last time, I did a lot of things over the past few years that I’m not proud of,” said the now-21-year-old candidly.

“People often forget that, even with their comments and stuff they think it doesn’t get to me, but it gets to me. People assume it doesn’t bother me, but I gotta stay strong enough to just keep pushing.

“I’m passionate about being better and growing so I think that this is going to be an awesome chapter in my life and I’m so glad that I have you guys supporting me.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Justin isn’t the only celebrity to seek a way to change their lives through Ellen’s show. She also took young Sophia Grace and Rosie and made them pop stars.

From tea with Justin Bieber himself, shown above, to Katy Perry and Hugh Grant, the little girls have become known only by their first names.

What do you think about Justin Bieber? Has he redeemed himself and changed his image through Ellen’s show? Post your comments below, including your birthday wishes!

[Photo By Ethan Miller/Getty Images]