Occupy Seattle Protestor Marries Abandoned Warehouse

An Occupy Seattle protestor married an abandoned warehouse on Saturday, but it’s not really what you might be thinking.

Baylonia Aivaz didn’t “marry” the vacant building due to some strange fetish, sexual hang-up or far-fetched daddy issues somehow involving derelict architecture. She did it in order to protest gentrification.

“I’m doing this to show the building how much I love it, how much I love community space, and how much I love this neighborhood. And I want to stop it from gentrification,” she said.

The building was recently occupied by protestors, and is scheduled to be torn down to make room for apartment buildings.

“If corporations can have the [same] rights as people, so can buildings,” said Aivaz, who did indeed don a white dress for her big day. She described the event as a “gay marriage”, though we’re not sure if this is just a two-for-one liberal protest or the building has kind of a fem-vibe.

Along with other Occupy Seattle protestors, Aivaz wanted the 107-year-old warehouse to be turned into some sort of community center to house artwork and provide services, but unfortunately foe the newlyweds, Aivaz’s wife’s planned demolition is still moving forward, despite the ceremony.

Aivaz isn’t the firs tot marry an inanimate object: a US Air Force solider married the Eiffel Tower in 2007, a German woman married the Berlin Wall, and the infamous Pennsylvanian “Miss Wolfe” has confessed to be completely mentally and sexually attracted to 1001 Nachts, a roller coaster she has “ridden” over 3,000 times.

This makes me scratch my head in confusion at best and admittedly makes me a little sick at worst. What do you think of the Occupy protestor and her marriage to an abandoned warehouse?