The Responses Korean Girls Make After Watching ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Are Epic

Back in 2012, hordes of women ran to theaters to watch Channing Tatum strip down to his skivvies in the hit movie, Magic Mike. The Inquisitr reported on news pertaining to the film about male strippers, in which Tatum had plenty of practice due to the fact he worked as one prior to his rise in super stardom. As a matter of fact, Magic Mike was so popular, this year, the official sequel, titled Magic Mike XXL, will hit theaters.

When the official trailer for the movie first came out, social media just blew up. But what of other countries in which the American view of stripping is not prevalent? We at least get the chance to see how Korean girls react and perceive it after watching the Magic Mike XXL trailer.

The video starts with four groups of girls, each in a set of two watching the trailer. Apparently, only one of the groups had one girl know it was Channing Tatum, but they thought the film was associated with the Step Up franchise. The other groups either guessed movie trailer or an ad for a dance club. However, none of the girls have really don’t know what a strip club is, or what happens in a strip club. As a result, they are introduced to scenes in the original Magic Mike, and they are thoroughly surprised. One group actually expressed enthusiasm, wondering if such clubs existed in Korea. In the end, it seemed all the groups were hesitant in expressing their desire to go to such a club if they do exist in Korea, though it was evident through their body language they wouldn’t mind.

As for the video itself, it was uploaded by Sw Yoon’s official YouTube page on February 26, 2015, and has just under 400,000 views as of the publication of this article. Over 2,300 people have liked the video, which is a landslide victory over the 156 dislikes. It should also be noted the video is on the #PopularOnYouTube list, recognized currently as the 25th most popular video on the channel. Just for reference, Sw Yoon’s videos usually end up on the #PopularOnYouTube list, in which he has fellow Koreans respond to certain movies, videos, food, etc. This includes Korean guys’ opinions on The Interview and Korean girls’ responses after tasting American snacks.