Amber Rose Makes Toronto Appearance Near Trina The Rapper

Amber Rose has been breaking the internet in recent months with a series of revealing photos. Though she’s in Toronto now, it also seems that she won’t be far from Trina the rapper.

Pushing past the recent issues between Amber and the Kardashians, Kanye, Wiz Khalifa, or even the most recent allegation from Black Madam — about Rose’s alleged butt-injections — it seems that she’s also found herself in Toronto, Canada, alongside the female rap artist.

As can be seen from Twitter, both Amber and Trina the rapper let their fans know they’ve just landed in Canada and are excited to be there.

Both landed on the same day. Nice coincidence, right? Well, though the rap artist may not know Rose is there, Amber certainly knows Trina is present.

Amber Rose Tweets That She's In Toronto With Trina The Rapper
Credits: Twitter

It would seem that Rose is a fan of the artist. However, that’s possibly understandable? What female who’s into hip hop or rap doesn’t like her? She’s been around and was one of the forerunners of the female rapper movement.

Amber is known for making club appearances and doing her thing in several locations. Recently, Rose appeared in Tallahassee, Florida, and Dallas, Texas. When Amber walks into a club, people generally recognize her and want to get photo ops. Usually, Rose is pretty accommodating and understanding about it, as it seems from the various photos online.

Accordingly, when Rose arrived in Toronto, and in preparation for the evening’s venue, she noted the gifts that were received once off the plane, via Instagram. Look for this merchandise to be used for her Toronto showing.

Amber Rose's Instagram Shows That She's In Toronto
Credits: Instagram | Amber Rose

As mentioned in Amber’s tweet, she will be at Moda Night Club, a new “fancy” night club in the Toronto area. Though she will be there, Rose’s rap interest — Trina — will be at the House of Lancaster, a strip club in a similar area of the region. As can be seen from her excitement on Twitter, Amber may also be seen there alongside the rapper on March 2, 2015. Why not meet one of your favorite musicians while in town, you know?

Amber Rose's Show Up In Toronto At Moda Night Club II
Credits: Instagram | Amber Rose

What do you think about Rose’s coincidental arrival to Canada at the same time as Trina? Do you think Amber will be at House of Lancaster as well?

[Feature Image via Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images]