‘Following’ Spoilers: Joe Carroll Still Integral In Season 3 As Ryan Hardy, Mike Weston Move Forward

The Following Season 3 premieres Monday night on Fox, and fans cannot wait to dive back in to this show. There will be some big changes ahead, it seems, but Ryan Hardy and Mike Weston are still back and at the center of it all. What Following spoilers are available for the March 2 new season premiere?

According to TV Guide, there are new faces behind the scenes, as Kevin Williamson has left to work on Stalker. While it is said that Williamson always indicated he would move on after the first two seasons, it seems it took a bit for the show to find its new leadership. Will the show still feel like what fans have loved about it? It seems Kevin Bacon says that the show will still be what fans love, but with a fresh take.

Will Joe Carroll really be gone this time? Most fans suspected he would still be in the picture for Season 2 despite supposedly being dead, and not everybody is sure he’ll be gone for Season 3, either. The Following spoilers indicate that this new season will be, to a degree, about Ryan Hardy figuring out what life is without his obsession over Joe. However, it seems that Joe is still a big piece of the puzzle in this coming season.

There will, of course, be creepy villains ahead in Season 3, and this goes beyond having Mark still around. Following spoilers indicate that fans should keep an eye out for a pair causing trouble together as well as a caregiver who has a problematic nighttime hobby. There has been talk about Michael Ealy joining the show this season, playing a bad guy named Theo. Apparently, Theo will be key to this season, but viewers won’t see him right away.

While Ryan may be moving on from vengeance against Joe, Mike Weston is seeking revenge for his father’s death. Max is back as well, but don’t expect a happily-ever-after between Mike and Max, at least not at this point. In fact, Following spoilers indicate that as Season 3 begins, Max will have a new love, and Ryan has started a new relationship as well. Will this one go better than what viewers have seen in Hardy’s last relationships?

Director Marcos Siega tells the Hollywood Reporter that while Joe Carroll is still a key part of Season 3, there is a significant transition to shift the show into something else this season, as well. From the sounds of things, though, there’s a carefully laid out transition so viewers don’t feel too much of a jolt.

Viewers are definitely intrigued to see where Ryan Hardy, Mike Weston and the rest of the slate of characters head this season. It all kicks off with the Season 3 premiere of The Following airing on Fox on Monday, March 3.

[Image via Christopher Fragapane/FOX]