Australian School Immortalizes Pedophile Teacher On School Gates With Words ‘He Touched Us All’

Despite the fact sexual preferences are now becoming more accepted in the United States, pedophilia is still considered a taboo that is unacceptable, even for LGBTQ community views. Even artistic interpretations aren’t shown mercy as proven through Sia’s new music video when Shia LeBeouf danced with 12-year-old Maddie Ziegler in nude-colored leotards. However, the Inquisitr did report that some psychologists are trying to identify pedophilia as a mental condition instead of a sexual preference. Such a move is controversial because it may validate reasons why someone is a pedophile, as in they were “born that way,” instead of someone choosing to partake in such a taboo.

Now, it seems a school in Australia doesn’t seem to care if one of their teachers was a pedophile as they immortalized him on their gate. What’s ironic is the words they used for his sign which read, “He Touched Us All.”

According to International Business Times, Knox Grammer erected a memorial for Bruce Barrett after his death. It read “He Touched Us All,” words that are ironic in light of the fact he’s been accused of sexually abusing a number of students. Apparently, the sign was taken down once the Child Sex Abuse Royal Commission heard on Tuesday that the school in Sydney erected it, stating how he sign was ironically interpreted.

Reportedly, Knox Grammar is notoriously known for not paying attention to sex allegations, in which the school’s headmaster, Ian Paterson, seems to not take such complaints seriously. For example, when Damien Vance, a teacher at the school, was accused of such an offense, Paterson did not involve the police for investigation. This is peculiar because of the fact that Vance is just one of five teachers convicted of pedophilia after complaints were made back in 2009.

The Independent also reported on the incident, in which Scott Ashton, a former student of Knox Grammar, inquired confusion over why Bruce Barrett was even honored. According to Ashton, Barrett was a “notorious molester,” but prior to his conviction of five counts of indecent assault and two counts of sexual assault in 2009, students were expected to pay tribute to him.

“The fact that he was so well regarded by the school despite being a notorious molester made me feel very confused and powerless.”

Scott Ashton would allege that Bruce Barrett would chase and tickle his pupils, and used to announce for boys to watch out for read tie day, which meant he would cane people. At one time, Ashton was asked to stay behind class by Barrett one day and instead of getting caned, was sexually assaulted.

Now that you’ve read the news of an Australian school immortalizing a pedophile (or trying to) through tribute, what are your views? Just by what was reported, do you believe the school’s administration is lax (or even partaking) in such illegal activities with their students?

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