Kelly Clarkson Plays Matchmaker For Her Baby Daughter

Kelly Clarkson is already thinking very far into her baby girl’s future. River Rose isn’t even one year old yet, and Kelly already knows who she wants as a future son-in-law.

According to E! News, Kelly Clarkson played baby matchmaker during a recent interview with London’s Heat Radio. The “Heartbeat Song” singer revealed that she wants her eight-month-old daughter to eventually hit it off with two-year-old Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, the son of rapper Wiz Khalifa and video vixen Amber Rose. The tots’ parents might come from two very different musical worlds, but they do have one thing in common — their moms and dads are fans of alliterative names.

“Have you seen Wiz Khalifa’s little boy?” Kelly Clarkson asked during her Heat Radio interview. “He was on the Grammys red carpet and I want River to marry him one day. It would be so cute. He’s so cute.”

Unfortunately, River Rose won’t get to go on many playdates with the offspring of other celebs — Kelly Clarkson is raising her daughter far away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. When she was asked about the possibility of arranging a playdate between River and North West, Clarkson expressed her doubts that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian would find it worth their time to fly their little princess out to Tennessee via private jet.

“I don’t think my kid would be talented enough to hang out with Kanye’s kid. Apparently, not many people are.”

However, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz’s mother thinks that her son is worthy of North’s time. During an interview with the Grio, Amber Rose said that she would be okay if Sebastian wanted to be friends with Kanye West’s daughter.

“I’m open for my son to make his own decisions. They’re the same age … as they get older and if they want to hang out, that’s fine. Absolutely.”

It’s important to point out that this interview took place before the ugly Rose/Kardashian/West feud that the Inquisitr previously reported on — it’s possible that Amber has since changed her mind about the company her son is allowed to keep.

If River Rose and Sebastian Taylor Thomaz do get married sometime in the very distant future, Kelly Clarkson should have no problem winning over her daughter’s father-in-law. As the Inquisitr recently reported, Clarkson has revealed that she’s pro-marijuana legalization. It’s no secret that Wiz is a fan of wacky tobacky, so he and the country singer should get along just fine.

[Image credits: Wiz Khalifa, Kelly Clarkson/Instagram]