Suge Knight, Update: ‘Blind In One Eye,’ Rushed To Hospital — Again

Suge Knight‘s health is going from bad to worse. In the latest report by ABC News, sources say Suge Knight was transported back to the hospital on Monday for ongoing health complications, which were not directly specified. Suge Knight, aka Marion Knight, did tell the judge that his health is not good, and that he isn’t receiving quality medical care in jail.

Inquisitr previously reported that Knight has been in jail since his arrest, stemming from the hit and run charge that ended the life of one of his close friends. Prosecutors in the case say the hit and run death was intentional. Knight and his attorneys say that he was trying to flee the scene. In Rolling Stone, James Blatt stated the following.

“He [Knight] was in the process of being physically assaulted by two men and in an effort to escape he unfortunately hit two [other] individuals. He was in his car trying to escape.”

With that case hanging over his head, Suge lists several health problems that have plagued him since his arrest. One big problem is his failing eyesight. Specifically, he is blind in one eye and has limited sight in the other eye. Over the last decade, Knight has had a series of health issues related to gunshot wounds he has sustained in past shootings. Last year, it was reported that he had blood clots and trouble breathing, which is most likely a result of bad eating, bad living, and a gut load of stress.

Suge also informed the judge that he fired his past lawyers because he found them to be incompetent. Plus, the fact that he killed his own friend after striking him with his car is most likely enough to put the former rapper and Death Row Records co-founder under a dangerous amount of stress.

Studies show that local jail inmates and inmates who are doing hard time in a correctional facility usually present with a high levels of anxiety and stress related to their cases, which are caused by feelings of guilt and worthlessness over the crime that they’ve committed, as well as the noise level, the intensely violent atmosphere, and the dismal surroundings. Anger and worry are known to lead to a slew of health problems, such as high blood pressure and strokes. Prison life and stress can also exacerbate any preexisting health issues.

As for Suge, the latest snapshots captured of the former mogul in court shows the face of a man who is most likely guilt-ridden and ill over his current situation. No word on when Knight will make his next court appearance. If convicted in the hit and run death case, Knight faces life in prison.

[Photo Credit: Pool, Getty Images]