Puppy Killed, Mother Heartbroken After Both Stuffed In Sack And Dumped From Moving Vehicle

A puppy killed in a senseless animal cruelty attack has Santa Cruz authorities looking for the culprits.

Unfortunately, these types of cases happen quite often, but this story has a particularly heartbreaking undercurrent, especially when you consider the still-living victim.

According to a report from CBS San Francisco, the puppy and its mother, miniature pinschers, were stuffed into a sack and tossed from a moving vehicle by unidentified motorists.

The Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter dispensed officers to the scene after receiving a report of an abandoned dog.

When they arrived, they found that the mother pinscher had survived but that the mother’s puppy had been killed as a result of “head trauma.”

The mother dog was said to be frightened and had refused to leave her pup’s body, to the point that shelter personnel had to place the puppy’s carcass in the crate with its mother to get her to calm down.

She had also accidentally removed the puppy’s tongue in an attempt to resuscitate her.

Aside from the horrid animal cruelty exhibited in the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter report, this story is hard to shake because of the mother’s reaction.

People go back and forth on whether animals have the capacity to love, and it’s true that in some subsets of the animal kingdom, mothers abandon their offspring shortly after birth, this mother clearly had a much stronger bond and didn’t want to let go.

Her futile attempts at a rescue included chewing through the bag once it struck pavement and then, injured, seeking help for her young.

Worst of all is this shocking and heartbreaking photo that actually shows the mother mourning over her pup, via the animal shelter.

Puppy Killed Heartbreaking Photo Seen Here

In comments to CBS, Animal Shelter Officer Todd Stosuy expounded on what made this case a hard one to take for him.

“What makes this case so disturbing is that a person would decide that putting dogs in sand bags and throwing them out of a window like garbage was even an option… There are always alternative options if you have an animal you can no longer keep, including surrendering them at no cost to Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter.”

What do you think about cases like this one, readers? Should the individuals responsible for the puppy killed in Santa Cruz County face criminal charges? And do you think dogs have the same emotions as human beings?