March 1, 2015
Akiane Kramarik, Former Child Prodigy In Painting, Finds Inspiration In New Home On The Gold Coast

Throughout art history, there have been numerous artists who stood out as masters to be remembered for all time. Some past masters include Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso. As for modern-day masters, Peter Max and Yaacov Agam fit the bill. However, if there is one artist today who is known for popularity, it is easily Akiane Kramarik, the former child prodigy in painting.

The Inquisitr recently reported on Akiane Kramarik, in which she finally released her first tutorial art video, though it was simply an eye, done with pencils. As for some who are reading this article, not knowing who this artist is, her most famous painting is Prince of Peace, the portrait of Jesus Christ that Colton Burpo, the boy in Heaven is For Real, says looks just like the Christian savior.

Now, Akiane Kramarik has found a new setting to find inspiration for her work. Recent reports now show that the former child prodigy in painting is calling the Gold Coast her home.

According to ABC Australia and WN, Akiane Kramarik, who is now 20-years-old, now resides on the Gold Coast in Australia as of nine months ago. Akiane also brought along both of her parents and her four brothers. Apparently, there are two reasons why she moved to Australia in the first place. The first is Akiane's confidence that she can be a world-famous painter and still live a quiet beachside life. The second, and probably the most important reason, is that her parents dreamed of living in Australia since they married 25 years ago.

"I think it's just in general Australia because of their culture, their way of life, their way of just moving from day to day, their way of relaxing and just the peacefulness in every person."
Initially, Akiane Kramarik's parents could only dream of living in Australia. Akiane was born into poverty in which her parents lived in a shack in Illinois. Growing up was hard and they didn't television or radio. Friends and family lived far away too. Still, Akiane explains that her parents were nurturing and supportive of their kids developing their own creative pathways. So when Akiane started having vivid dreams and seeing faces, she ended up using whatever she could to illustrate them. By the time she was eight, Akiane progressed to use acrylics and oils, the basics for her phenomenal paintings that now fetch $300,000 each.

Akiane Kramarik's boost in popularity came when she was featured by Oprah. Her television appearance provided such a boost, that by the age of ten, Akiane sold her first painting at the price of $10,000. She would later get more recognition, aforementioned previously, of Colton Burpo proclaiming Akiane's Prince of Peace to be the most authentic visual interpretation of Jesus Christ.

In conclusion, Akiane Kramarik is continuously pursuing her dreams and bringing along those she loves for the ride. However, her most loyal travelling companion is her artistic gift.

"That's what I love about art -- it's a traveling companion. I can just take that anywhere I go; Antarctica, Russia, America, anywhere and I'll be happy anywhere I go if I have my paints in my hands."
[Image via Damien Larkins/ABC Local]