Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Is Chief Justice Roy Moore’s Newest Supporter — Coming Weeks Behind The KKK, AFA, And Rush Limbaugh

Chief Justice Roy Moore has a new supporter to add to the list (along with current supporters: the KKK, the American Family Association, and Rush Limbaugh): Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson. Robertson, who has, of course, been involved with his own controversies about same-sex marriage, recently spoke in support of Moore’s stance.

According to WFSA, Robertson spoke on Friday at Frazer United Methodist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. The Duck Dynasty patriarch is reported to have talked about people who call him an idiot (“If that’s true than I’m a pretty famous idiot and a rich idiot, which tells you that even an idiot can make it in America,”) before moving on to discuss Roy Moore and his battle against marriage equality in Alabama.

With regard to this, Robertson talked about the line between “political correctness” and “Biblical correctness,” expressing a strong preference for the latter, and offered encouragement to the Alabama Chief Justice who has steadfastly refused to comply with orders from a Federal Judge, and maintains that in the event of a Supreme Court decision in favor of marriage equality, he will recuse himself from cases rather than comply.

“Roy Moore is spot on he is correct, and Roy, if you hear this, do not back up because you are right on this one.”

According to the Montgomery Advisor, Robertson further echoed Moore’s claim that rights come from God, not from governing documents.

The Duck Commander further explained a sex-ed basic: that a monogamous relationship is less susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases, though he hinted that the statement applied only to heterosexual couples (and, not actually being a teacher in a sex-ed classroom, also left out that condoms can also protect against STIs and that non-monogamous sex can also be safe.)

Of course, Phil Robertson has had plenty of support for his own anti-gay rants, which he covers in the umbrella of “free speech” — when A&E briefly suspended him from the show, hashtags, Facebook groups, and a wide range of memes sprouted to show support for Phil’s right to say anything he chose without consequences or backlash.

Chief Justice Roy Moore’s support, however, may be more dwindling. While there is a Facebook group dedicated to supporting him, the groups that support him openly are by-and-large at various points along the scale between controversial and “SPLC certified hate groups” themselves: the AFA, the KKK, and now, Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson.

[Photo by: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]