‘Dr. 90210’ Robert Rey’s Instagram Shows Photo Of Man Who Grabbed Testicles And Got Punched [Video]

Who can forget lovable Dr. Robert Rey, who was a highlight of the Dr. 90210 reality TV show that aired for four years on the E! network? Dr. Rey was known for his love of martial arts, and trying to balance his work and family life. Now the famous plastic surgeon is back in the news because of a fight that ensued after Rey took an Instagram photo with a man whom he claims in the Instagram post’s description was drunk when he allegedly squeeze Rey’s testicles and hurt his manhood.

“A drunk came out of nowhere and grabbed my testicles and crushed my penis!!!!!!! While talking to the doctors! He came from the second floor! A TROT UNIVERSITY PRA HUMILIATE (one grabbed my testicles calling me Dr Gay, the other took photo’s!!)) I felt very threatened and my life in danger because he had approx. 12 friends probably drunk!!!! ME DEFENDI!!! [sic]”

“I pray for you brother!!”

TMZ also reported on the Dr. Rey incident, claiming that the reality star still has swollen testicles from the violent crotch grab. The video of the fight that occurred after Dr. Rey reportedly punched the inebriated man at an eatery on Saturday in Campina Grande — which is the second largest Brazilian city in terms of population size — shows a loud melee of folks and mass confusion.

As Dr. 90210 viewers may remember about Rey, when he wasn’t in surgery or in discussions with his wife about spending more time with the family, the surgeon was often learning new martial arts moves — ones that he says came in handy when he punched and kicked his crotch offender, taking him down.

Prior to getting back into the spotlight for this most recent massive brawl, the Dr. 90210 star was featured on TMZ for his new way of using stem cells to increase breast sizes for his patients, instead of the popular breast implants that once ruled the roost. As reported by the Inquisitr, silicone breast augmentation surgeries have decreased in number, while procedures such as Brazilian butt lifts, silicone butt implants, and other fat transfer type of graft surgeries have increased due to women seeking fuller bottoms.

[Image via Dr. Robert Rey Instagram]