Taylor Swift Threatens To Leave Tumblr After Fans Accuse Her Of Befriending Bully

It's easy to like Taylor Swift because she always does wonderful and selfless things for her fans. She recently tracked down a fan who camped outside the Radio 1's Breakfast Show studios for 20 hours in the cold, in hopes to meet the pop singer. Taylor was already following Sinead Murray of Leeds on Tumblr, so she was aware of the situation and she knew she had to track her fan down. But now fans on Tumblr are attacking the singer for befriending a fan that's also an online bully. Taylor is having none of the drama, and is threatening to leave the blog site if fans won't pipe down about it.

Ever since Taylor Swift joined Tumblr, fans have been trying to get her attention. The simple thing to do is to follow the singer and post enough Taylor Swift-related topics, so that she can notice you and follow you back, according to Entertainment Tonight. Some fans spend all day posting topics about her street style and her cats, Meredith and Olivia, in hopes that Swift will notice them. But now some fans are fed up with Swift's butt kissing when it comes to some of her fans.


Taylor posted two photos on Instagram in response to her fans disrespecting her on Tumblr for praising a fan who's a notorious online bully. One photo referred to her fans as "haters," while the other showed her kissing the fan named Johnnie. Taylor captioned the photo, "Kissing my love at the BRITS. Part II." Some of the fans weren't having any of it. One user named "fade-into-views" called out the singer about supporting the bully. Other fans supported her and shared several messages and screencaps of when Johnnie attacked Taylor's other fans.

Some fans took it too far by creating the hashtag # on Twitter.


Swift liked several posts on Tumblr saying that she would leave the site if the fans didn't stop disrespecting her. She has yet to acknowledge the bullied fans. Swift also hasn't deleted her blog or removed the rude photos from her Instagram account. It was also revealed that she sent a Valentine's Day package to Johnnie a few weeks ago.


It sounds like Taylor wants to "Shake It Off" by calling her fans "haters" when they want to take a stand against cyber bullying. She was also attacked by Twitter users who accused her of exploiting a terminally ill fan, according to the Inquisitr. Some fans have been accusing her of using the girl's illness to further her career.

In another Inquisitr report, Taylor Swift refuses to discuss Katy Perry and says she will still be single at 30. She is only willing to discuss feminism, her supermodel girlfriends, and her cats in interviews. She also had enough of critics calling her breakup songs "boy-bashing" for their lyrics. Swift has decided not to promote her new single "Style," in fear of being asked about ex-boyfriend Harry Styles. It looks like Taylor Swift won't be talking about much these days, even though she's constantly in the public eye. But it won't stop the media from talking about her mysterious lyrics and famous relationships.

What do you think of Taylor Swift's interaction with her fans lately? Do you think she's gone too far?

[Images: Ian Gavan/Getty Images]