‘Bachelor Women Tell All’: Will Ashley Salter Steal The Show? Chris Harrison Calls It ‘Best Interview Ever’

Monday night, Bachelor fans will be treated to an annual tradition: the “Women Tell All” special, when the contestants offer one last dose of drama before the season finale. This year’s Bachelor was populated with a host of crazy characters, including drunk girls, an “inspirational” widow and a couple of virgins. There was also Ashley Salter, who was portrayed, frankly, as “off her rocker.” It may or may not have been an act, but if host Chris Harrison’s twitter feed is any indication, Salter’s one-on-one “Women Tell All” interview does not disappoint.

Previewing the “Women Tell All” special to TV Guide, Harrison explained why Ashley Salter’s interview was, for him, a stand out.

“One of my favorites was with Ashley S. Honestly, it’s like she’s in on the joke, but not completely. She did explain the Mesa Verde thing, but then doesn’t completely explain the Mesa Verde thing. I told her, ‘I don’t know if I’m allowed to do this, but I’m extending an invitation to you right now to be on [Bachelor in Paradise].'”

Salter was known for saying incoherent things on camera. During the “Chris Tell All” special, Harrison revealed that Ashley also wandered around set and told the other women she thought the production team was running a betting ring on their chances of winning a rose.

So, how did Ashley Salter get on The Bachelor in the first place? Well, it turns out she did not apply. As she told Northside Woman in its February issue, a friend put her name in, and after that she met with producers.

“I didn’t audition — I was nominated by a friend a year before they contacted me. I didn’t know my friend had nominated me, so when the show contacted me, I honestly thought it was a joke at first. From there, the interview process included meeting with casting directors and producers.”

Chris Harrison showed a clip of Ashley Salter’s audition video on the “Chris Tells All” special and said she appeared “normal.” If Salter’s version of events and Harrison’s are both accurate, her audition tape could have been made after producers had already contacted her and wanted to know how she looked on camera.

Salter also told Northside Woman that although she did not put her name in to be on The Bachelor, she is a huge fan of the show.

“I have watched ‘The Bachelor’ since season one, but the experience of being on it was nothing like I expected.”

The Bachelor “Women Tell All” special airs Monday night on ABC.

[Chris Harrison image courtesy of Getty]