The Ghost Of Disneyland [Video]

There are so many urban legends about trapped spirits haunting famous theme parks and hotels that it sometimes seems every place of business can lay claim to a famous haunting, but, if the YouTube video circulating the net is to be believed, Disneyland can now prove they have a ghost. Disney theme parks, and Disneyland specifically, have long been suspected hotspots for paranormal activity with urban legends reaching as far back as the park’s opening, but this tape would seem to be the holy grail for paranormal researchers and amateur sleuths alike — if it’s real.

The Disneyland surveillance tape began circulating in 2009, but recently regained popularity, climbing to nearly seven million hits on YouTube. Viewers who dare to watch the video are treated to the image of a translucent being exploring Disneyland after normal operating hours. The Anthrophobic ghost can be seen strolling through Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion and Rivers of America, as though touring the park’s greatest attractions. The Huffington Post reports that the figure walks on water near the end of the recording, apparently adding credit to the theory that something supernatural is going on at Disneyland.

See the video for yourself right here.

So what is this ghost, really? According to AOL, many viewers suspect the answer to be much more mundane than the possibility that Walt Disney’s ghost is still roaming the grounds. They theorize that this is a result of Disneyland reusing old surveillance videotapes, causing images burned into the film to be visible over the newer recordings.

Some users find fault with that idea.

“So a few years ago they were still using VHS, that’s hard to believe Disney would not have gone digital by then.”

Many users suspect a hoax.

“Fake, it’s a reflection of someone else walking past. The lights along the walkway are illuminating the shadow of a passerby making it look like a ghost.”

Is it a trick of the lights? Reflections cast out from nearby windows or mirrors? They all seem like plausible explanations and only add to the debates circulating the web, wherever this video pops up. Of course, there is one other possibility.

Perhaps that really is a ghost roaming the grounds of Disneyland. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend their afterlife in the “happiest place on Earth?” Of course, now that he or she is a ghost, there’s no longer a concern over those recent Disneyland admission price hikes!