Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Has No Love For One Direction: Calls Group ‘Manufactured’, Talks ‘Physical Graffiti’, Solo Project And Air Guitar

Led Zeppelin’s album Physical Graffiti is celebrating its 40 year anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, guitarist Jimmy Page gave an interview in which he was asked about One Direction’s success. In response, Page answered “I don’t really think about One Direction, it’s not my cup of tea.”

The Led Zeppelin guitarist went on to call the group “manufactured” and said that he preferred bands who played their instruments live, saying “That’s where I come from.”

Many consider Jimmy Page to be one of the greatest guitarists in the history of rock ‘n roll. Having produced a wealth of music over the past 50 years, to former Zeppelin rocker is something of an expert on the subject. However, the interview covered far more than One Direction.

Led Zeppelin is a legendary force in rock and its popularity to this day shows that their work stands the test of time. Jimmy Page is largely responsible for their sound and he reflected on Led Zeppelin’s ability to influence so many generations and create their timeless sound.

“We were capable of so much because of the musicianship in the band…it was our destiny to make music that changed the shape of what had preceded it. One of the things we made sure of is that we didn’t repeat ourselves in any way.”

Page went on to say that “the only main thing was that we could do anything, we ought to be able to do anything with the musicianship that we’ve got.” Page, along with the three surviving members will commemorate their success of their 6th and most acclaimed studio album, Physical Graffiti, with a special deluxe edition which will have a much bigger and fuller sound.

Of course, reporter Steve Hargrave just had to ask Page if he felt the urge to play “air guitar” while listening to Led Zeppelin albums. “Um, no,” Jimmy said, adding that “I think people would be a bit disappointed if I did, I think they prefer it if I’d actually be playing.”

When conversation turned to the future of music and One Direction, the Led Zeppelin guitarist said that he understood where groups like One Direction come from and why they exist. He conceded that acts like One Direction were the future of music every bit as much as young musicians in rock groups.

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When asked the inevitable question about a Led Zeppelin reunion, Jimmy was dismissive of the idea saying that he is more concerned with making something on his own. While their last reunion in 2007 broke records in ticket sales, page said that in the seven years since “their haven’t been any overtures to do anything else.”

“I don’t really want to be talking about anybody else. I’m really more concerned now with making sure that I do something, rather than sort of sitting around waiting for other people to make their minds up.”

Does this mean a solo album is in the works? Will Led Zeppelin ever ride again? These are questions that remain as fans pour over the re-mastered Led Zeppelin albums, picking out new morsels to enjoy.