Obama Ignores Drug Use Questions [Video]

President Barack Obama held an “online conversation” with the American people yesterday. The event was moderated by Google and people were encouraged all week to submit questions for the President via YouTube. Users could also give a thumbs up or down to the videos and the ones most popular would be asked of Obama.

Well it turns out the most popular questions all concerned the Drug War or Marijuana Legalization. Obama wouldn’t even acknowledge the questions let along answer them. President Obama did address such pressing national issues as late-night snacks, dancing and his tennis skills.

Yet for some reason the top rated question by retired deputy chief of police in Los AngelesStephen Downing, which got the most votes at 4,500 was completely ignored.

Downing, a board member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition said the following in response to his question being ignored,

“It’s worse than silly that YouTube and Google would waste the time of the president and of the American people discussing things like midnight snacks and playing tennis when there is a much more pressing question on the minds of the people who took the time to participate in voting on submissions. A majority of Americans now support legalizing marijuana to de-fund cartels and gangs, lower incarceration and arrest rates and save scarce public resources, all while generating new much-needed tax revenue. The time to discuss this issue is now. We’re tired of this serious public policy crisis being pushed aside or laughed off.”

President Obama is going to have a lot to answer to on this issue. Polls consistently show that a majority of Americans believe the Drug War is a failure and that laws need to be changed. The costs of arresting and charging people for something as simple as marijuana possession make no sens in a down economy.

Do you think Marijuana should be legalized?

LAPD Deputy Chief Asks Obama About Marijuana Legalization