Norman Reedus Teases Line Of ‘Walking Dead’ Coffee, Tea, Chocolate

Norman Reedus excited and delighted fans Sunday by showing context-free images of a Walking Dead line of coffees, as well as tea and chocolate. The images have fans asking where they can buy the products, based on their favorite Walking Dead characters and themes.

Norman Reedus began the excitement on Friday evening by tweeting this image of Walking Dead themed coffee.

Flavors shown include The Kid, In Carol We Trust, The Samurai, The Archer Blend, and The Ringleader, based on, respectively, Walking Dead characters Carl Grimes, Carol Peletier, Michonne, Daryl Dixon, and Rick Grimes. Reedus also showed a close-up of his own blend, The Archer.

It’s not clear where these coffees are sold. The Waking Dead Cafe (yes, ‘Waking,’ rather than ‘Walking’ — a coffee pun) might seem like a good start, but there are no references or images on the Cafe’s Facebook page or the Walking Dead website, and so far, despite numerous pleas from fans, Norman isn’t saying.

The Woodbury Cafe, also known as the Senoia Cafe, does offer Walking Dead themed coffees, though the ones Reedus tweeted aren’t theirs. (Woodbury Cafe’s Walking Dead coffees, exclusively from Coffee By David, can be found here and here.)

It’s not just coffees, though — next up in Reedus’ fan-teasing taste tweets came Walking Dead themed teas. Good news, though: these are already available, and we know where to find them.

The Walking Dead tea line is from Adiago Teas, and includes ten different blends, including Michonne’s Tea Party, Zombie Tea, and the Daryl Dixon blend that Norman tweeted above.

Reedus’ final Walking Dead treat tweet appears to be merely a Photoshopped joke image. Showing Reedus’ Walking Dead character, Daryl Dixon, on a KitKat bar, the image appears to be a promotional photo with the KitKat logo Photoshopped in, along with the text reproduced below, spelling, punctuation, and (lack of) capitalization intact.

“have a break. have a squirell.”

Even without taking image quality into consideration, it’s a fair bet that Nestle isn’t really selling candy bars with the word “squirrel” misspelled on the wrapper, or, for that matter, comparing their chocolate to squirrel, so the fans who are lining up for Daryl Dixon chocolate are going to have to put those hopes on hold.

Though Norman Reedus might tease fans by showing Walking Dead treats with no clue where to find them, the answers are here: Adiago Teas and the Woodbury Cafe both offer beverages based on your favorite walker slayers.