From First To Last: A Touching Look At A Pit Bull’s First And Last Time Trip To This Favored Summer Destination

A pit bull, like any other dog, is beloved by his owners. The people who purchase, or adopt, them are parents in the eyes of that pit bull. Sometimes, as the Inquisitr reported Thursday, they are more than family. Xena was a therapy pit bull her parent’s autistic child. Though, it does not always need be a special job that draws people their pit bull, the family dog is always that. The dog is a member of the family.

Naturally, when anyone has the opportunity to be aware in advance that their family pit bill is near death, it tends to give the family more time to prepare for that final day. In the case of Mr. Dukes the family pit bull, it was no different.

Zhenia Bulawka, a photographer and pit bull lover, was given the worst news any animal lover could hear last August. Her pit bull, Mr. Dukes, was diagnosed with grade III mast cell cancer. Her pit bull was his way out. Bulawka knew that Mr. Dukes the pit bull loved swimming, and she wanted him to experience one last new and special memory with her, according to her post on the Dodo.

It may have taken three hours, but she was determined to give Mr. Dukes the pit bull, his first and last beach trip. Bulawka told the Huffington Post that Mr. Dukes was not initially in love with ocean and the beach, as he was with his swimming pool.

“[Mr. Dukes’] initial reaction seemed to be intimidation — as if he was confused by this endless ‘swimming pool’ which made so much noise. He was transfixed. Perhaps he was mesmerized by the waves.”

She, her boyfriend, and the her other dogs, packed their lunch and set out to spend the day on Assateague island. A place known for its quiet seclusion, and horses that often roam around. The following photos document Mr. Dukes’ first and last day on the beach.

Mr. Dukes 2

Mr. Dukes 1

Mr. Dukes 2

Mr. Dukes 2

Though it is clear that Mr. Dukes did spend time walking the beach, it is unclear if he had the pleasure to go for the swim that he associated so well with his swimming pool. Mr. Dukes passed away the following month, but Bulawka still remembers her faithful friend on her Facebook.

“… my best friend Mr. Dukes. He passed away in September, and I miss him every day.”

There are many opinions on pit bulls, but it certain that Mr. Dukes did not fit the vicious stereo type. He was a women’s best friend, and member of her family.

[Photos Via Zhenia Bulawka]