Detox Teas For Weight Loss: Is Matcha Green Tea Better Than Senna Leaf?

Anyone who frequents Instagram or other social media sites is familiar with detox teas that are all the rage these days, with ingredients that promise to suppress a person’s appetite all the while helping to slim down their waists and total, overall body weight.

According to the Inquisitr, famous females like Kendall Jenner drink detox tea brands such as Skinny Teatox Detox Diet, with the Inquisitr reporting that Kendall uses a combination diet of the special detox tea and raw veggies in order to help her maintain her size zero supermodel body. A little troubling are statements that Jenner may drink 12 cups of the stuff per day in order to help counteract the effects of all the sweets that her mom, Kris Jenner, keeps around their house — or to maintain the fullness and self-control to resist those sugary treats.

According to the Skinny Teatox Detox Diet website, one of the ingredients of the detox tea is cassia angustifolia, better known as senna leaf, an ingredient that can act as a powerful diuretic and provide certain pros and cons when it comes to relieving constipation. However, the website Law 360 reports that there’s currently a lawsuit underway over the marketing of a tea called Triple Tea Leaf, which also contains the senna leaf herb, and is being marketed as a weight loss aid. Senna leaf, according to the legal site, is a laxative that doesn’t assist in weight loss — and is even called dangerous for those who use senna for long periods of time, with overuse being linked to hepatitis, liver failure, cancer and a dependency on the laxative.

Overall, when used in balance with a healthy diet — and not abused to the point whereby the consumer feels weak and tired — senna leaf detox teas can help get the bowels moving and rid drinkers of the tummy’s bloated feeling. The FDA website warns against OTC products containing sodium phosphate, which has been called less healthy than senna leaf.

Beyond senna leaf tea, InStyle reports that Matcha green tea is a better wonder in terms of raising metabolism and burning fat. Unlike senna leaf, Matcha won’t leave those who drink it unable to focus, and the L-Theanine in Matcha gives users a happy feeling because of the serotonin produced.

[Image via She Knows]