Chip Schumaker's Topps Baseball Card Features Rally Squirrel, Almost None Of Chip's Body

James Johnson

Skip Schumaker is barely shown in his 2012 Topps Series 1 baseball card set, in fact only his pant leg is visible while the rest of the card is taken up by the now famous rally squirrel.

The rally squirrel became an internet sensation last year after it crossed Schumaker's path during a Roy Oswalt pitch in the fifth inning of Game 4 of the NLDS last October. Following that play the St. Louis Cardinals surged ahead and eventually ended up winning the World Series title.

Apparently the rally squirrel is a bigger name then Schumaker as it became the main focus on the players baseball card. According to Topps this is the first time that a players face has not been featured on the baseball card that hosts their name and stats.

Topps didn't even bother to give Schumaker a sneak peek at his card, although they will also offer an alternate card with a more full shot of Schumaker. Because the rally squirrel will only appear on the "short-print" variation of the card it will likely become a quick collectors edition find.

Would you like to own your very own rally squirrel Topps baseball card or is this a silly attempt at making some extra cash from collectors?