WWE News: WWE Creative Team Concerned About Brock Lesnar Blowing Off ‘WrestleMania’ Main Event

Many WWE fans are aware by now that Brock Lesnar — who is one half of the WrestleMania main event — walked out of last Monday’s RAW after a heated dispute with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. The dispute between McMahon and Lesnar was so heated that, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, everyone backstage was briefly concerned about Vince McMahon’s safety. Apparently Lesnar and McMahon were screaming at each other before Lesnar stormed out of the arena.

In case you missed it, Brock Lesnar attended last night’s UFC 184 in Los Angeles, California, and was seen in the front row talking with UFC President Dana White. Now, with the combination of Lesnar storming out of RAW and showing up at last night’s UFC, the WWE creative team is asking Vince McMahon if they should write an alternate storyline for the WrestleMania main event in case Lesnar decides to not show up. As of right now, McMahon is telling his creative team not to worry about it, because if Lesnar decides to blow off the WrestleMania main event, he’ll “sue the s**t out of him.”

There are some people within WWE who believe that if Lesnar leaves WWE after WrestleMania, it’ll be the best thing for Roman Reigns. It won’t matter how much the WWE fans dislike Reigns — they’ll dislike Lesnar a lot more for leaving, and they’ll really be behind Reigns in the main event.

The next WWE event that Brock Lesnar is scheduled to appear on is the March 9 edition of RAW, which takes place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. People within WWE expect Lesnar to be there, but if he walks out of that event, or even no-shows the event, then McMahon will likely tell his creative team to start writing an alternate WrestleMania main event storyline, which would likely involve another match between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns.

Brock Lesnar only has four appearances left on his current WWE contract — March 9 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for RAW, March 23 in Los Angeles, California for RAW, March 29 in Santa Clara, California for WrestleMania, and March 30 in San Jose, California for RAW. If Lesnar does decide to re-sign with WWE, it’s likely that he won’t be back on WWE television until the summer for SummerSlam, where he’ll either get his WWE Championship rematch or take on Randy Orton.

There have been rumors that Lesnar’s heated dispute with Vince McMahon was over the fact that Lesnar wants to fight in the UFC while being under his next WWE contract, and that McMahon won’t let that happen. But, as of right now, that is just a rumor.

[Image via WWE]