Whitney Bischoff Won't Marry 'Bachelor' Chris Soules Says Reality Steve — Here's Why

Cheryl Phillips

Bachelor Chris Soules is rumored to pick Whitney Bischoff on the season finale of ABC's popular reality show. However, the romantic proposal may not have a happy ending for the fertility nurse from Chicago and the farmer from the tiny town of Arlington, Iowa.

According to blogger Reality Steve, Whitney Bischoff won't ever make it to the altar with Chris. Although he spoiled the season for fans by predicting that Chris would dump Becca Tilley and give Whitney the final rose, Steve states that he doesn't expect them to get married.

"My guess is they are doing the long distance thing until they decide if they actually do want to get married, which I don't think will happen."

Steve states that Whitney wins simply because she "played the game correctly" and "came on the show to win." He feels that because the 29-year-old Kentucky native knew what to say, and was familiar with the show, she had an advantage over Becca and some of the other girls, including Britt.

Fans may recall Whitney confessing to Chris on the premiere that she's been watching the Bachelor since high school — that's at least nine or 10 years worth of viewing and enough to make her a pro-contestant. According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Whitney also has a connection on the show — former Bachelor in Paradise contestant Jaclyn Swartz is Bischoff's friend, and perhaps someone who coached her on to win the most important rose of the season.

Although Whitney may end up scoring the final rose on the Bachelor for supposedly playing the game correctly, Reality Steve feels that the track record of the show, Whitney's job, and Chris' lifestyle on the farm are some of the reasons that the relationship won't make it past the post-season finale interviews.

Chris Soules will be announced as the final contestant on ABC's Dancing with the Stars after his season of the Bachelor wraps up, adding another possible stressor to the newly-engaged couple's relationship. Although he tells People that he is in love with the woman he picked, time will tell if they have what it takes to beat the rumors, get married, and start a family.

Do you think Chris will marry Whitney, if she is the one he proposes to on the Bachelor?

[Image: ABC]