The DHS Immigration Fight: What’s The Point? [Opinion]

The Congress passed a seven-day stop-gap measure on Friday, providing temporary funding for the Department of Homeland Security, as reported by Fox News, as Republican attempts to tie immigration to DHS funding failed. However, this stop-gap measure also ensures that this same scenario will play out again this Friday, as Democrats and Republicans will continue to fight over Obama’s immigration amnesty action.

The establishment GOP members sided with the Democrats in terms of opposing conservative/Tea Party members who are outraged by Obama’s illegal amnesty as typified by this tweet from Representative Peter King.

King Tweet About DHS

This is the kind of misguided thinking we are dealing with, as many responses to King’s tweet were quick to point out.

If DHS is supposed to combat terrorism, then it has been a colossal failure under Obama. There have been multiple successful terrorist attacks that have occurred on Obama’s watch: Fort Hood Massacre, the Boston Marathon Bombing, the Little Rock Recruiting Office, the Times Square Bomber, and the most polarizing terrorist attack on Americans in Benghazi, Libya. We even had Kayla Mueller, an American woman performing a humanitarian mission, killed by Islamic terrorists in Iraq, according to ABC News.

If DHS is supposed to enforce immigration laws, Obama has effectively destroyed it. His granting of amnesty to five million illegal immigrants has converted well-trained law enforcement officers into babysitters. Remember the incredible surge of unaccompanied minors crossing the border in anticipation of Obama’s amnesty action, creating a “humanitarian crisis” of his own making? It is also a surge that is likely to re-occur if Obama’s order is reinstated after a federal judge halted it. During his confirmation process, the current DHS Secretary was roundly criticized for his lack of credentials in the enforcement of our immigration laws, as reported by Fox News.

As stated on the DHS website, their mission is to keep America safe. Do you feel safer? The answer should be an unequivocal no, but there are some people who are living in a quite disconnected state than reality. (See the King tweet above.)

However, what’s the point in the fight over funding DHS and immigration? The point is simple: Either we as a society have to stand for something or we will be destroyed by our own lack of beliefs.

If funding DHS requires funding for Obama’s illegal immigration amnesty action, then what is the point of having a Department of Homeland Security? How can any reasonable person say we are safer if Obama will not deport anyone who is here illegally? If no one is here illegally because they have “behaved” themselves once they got here, then there is no need for DHS.

As for combating terrorism, that is not working either. The entire Obama Administration has made a conscientious effort to never identify any Muslim as performing a terrorist attack. Not once. They have gone out of their way to deflect and trivialize the deaths of others as some random incident. If they are to be believed, then why do we need DHS to combat completely “random” incidents?

The line has to be drawn. We are a country of laws and those laws must be enforced by those in power. Those who choose to break those laws must be held accountable, regardless of whether they have “behaved” themselves.

This fight over funding DHS and immigration is about the type of country we are going to be – governed by laws or on a whim.

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