‘Sister Wives’ Divorce: Meri Brown’s ‘Mixed Emotions,’ Robyn’s Pain, And Tweets About The Season Finale [Video]

Sister Wives fans better get those boxes of tissues ready — tonight’s the night that they will finally learn why Robyn is Kody Brown’s new legal wife, and Meri Brown’s post-divorce tears might be contagious.

TV Ruckus recently shared a preview of the Sister Wives Tell All special that will air tonight after the TLC series’ season finale. In the teaser clip below, Meri Brown gets very emotional while discussing her decision to divorce Kody so that his youngest wife, Robyn, could legally marry him. Her sister wives also shed a few tears while she talks about the very hot topic.

In the clip, Meri drops a big hint about why she relinquished her legally married status to Robyn. From the sounds of it, she simply came to the conclusion that doing so would be a good move for a few younger members of the Brown family.

“It’s about the kids,” she explains to Sister Wives Tell All host Tamron Hall. “It’s about the unity of the family.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, it’s likely that Meri Brown chose to let Robyn become Kody’s new legal wife so that Robyn’s three kids from a previous marriage could obtain access to healthcare and other benefits. According to Us Weekly, Kody Brown wants to become a legal guardian of Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna.

Shortly after the Sister Wives divorce news broke, the Browns issued a statement saying that they were simply “legally restructuring” their family — Meri still considers herself one of Kody’s wives, and she’s not leaving the harem.

However, Meri admits that it feels different no longer being Kody’s only legal wife. In the clip above, she says that “it’s the end of something” and that she has “mixed emotions” about it. At one point, a tearful Robyn tries to make the conversation about Robyn by bringing up her own divorce. “How do you compare these two?” she asks. However, she proceeds to find a way to compare the two by coming to the conclusion that both divorces were painful — for her.

The stars of Sister Wives have been busy tweeting about tonight’s two-hour season finale. Robyn begged viewers not to judge the family until they check out the finale.

Meanwhile, Meri turned the divorce into a bit of a game by telling viewers to tune in to see if they’re right about their theories for why she made her life-altering decision. She also responded to a critical fan who thinks that the Browns are playing up the divorce drama for TV.

Janelle hinted that the divorce really might not be as dramatic as it seems by retweeting the message below.

Kody Brown simply showed his support for Robyn by retweeting her tweet, and so far Christine has opted against promoting the finale on her Twitter page today.

Even though Meri isn’t leaving the Brown family right now, many Sister Wives fans are probably wondering whether the divorce and marriage will have any long-term effects on the Browns. According to the Wrap, they’ll get a chance to find out — the show has been renewed for a sixth season, so viewers will get to see the fallout from the family restructuring.

The Sister Wives season finale begins at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

[Image credit: TLC]