‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ PC Gamers Getting Free Exo Suit As Apology

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare users who play the game on the PC are still waiting for the “Havoc” DLC. While it was supposed to be coming to Advanced Warfare users last week, Sledgehammer games found a bit of a problem with the PC version of Call of Duty and decided not to release that version. Not surprisingly, there were plenty of people angry about this, and now Sledgehammer has come forward with a small gift, offered as a sort of apology.

The apology came as a short note on the Sledgehammer website where the company said, “Please pardon today’s delay, and accept this KVA Paramilitary Exo as a small token of our appreciation. The KVA Paramilitary Exo’s unique look matches the exclusive AE-4 Widowmaker directed energy Assault Rifle. This Rare Enlisted Loot will be contained in the next Supply Drop you open and Double XP has been activated through the PC launch of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare HAVOC DLC on March 3rd.”

While Advanced Warfare users who are playing the game using a PC are obviously annoyed, one has to give it to Sledgehammer. Not everything they or Activision have done in regards to Advanced Warfare has been the right move but when there has been a mistake, the Call of Duty folks have worked hard to correct them. The “Havoc” DLC is the first of four Advanced Warfare additions that are coming for the game. It’s not promising that the very first DLC out of the box for Advanced Warfare is having issues, especially since Sledgehammer isn’t telling Call of Duty gamers what that issue might have been.

The real question is whether or not Advanced Warfare users will see the free exo-suit as enough of an apology. The suit is certainly something that gamers are going to want, if for no other reason than it’s quite impressive looking. There have been plenty of delays in the video game world over the last few years and, in the long run, waiting an extra week isn’t all that bad. Those gamers who are upset ought to compare themselves to PSN Plus Driveclub fans who have literally been waiting months to see if they’ll ever get the version of the game they were promised in September.

Players always knew the Xbox One was going to be getting the DLC first, and there were plenty of reports that download wasn’t perfect. Perhaps those playing the PC version of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will end up with a more polished version of this DLC.