It’s Not William Shatner’s Funeral – Why The News Is Broken [Commentary]

I think the viral news beat has gone a little too far today, and actually broken the news.

One comment from Shatner on Twitter.

And the whole webiverse basically forgot that its Leonard’s funeral.

A Google search for “Nimoy funeral” or “When is Leonard Nimoy Funeral” gives a really deep multi-faceted perspective from all sides of the Shatner tweet.

Leonard Nimoy Funeral nowhere to be seen

With the News cycle chasing its own tail – poor Leonard is left unable to even have a chance to turn in his grave, forgotten in a mass of nonsensical monotony.

The news is broken because it cannot see past the trend.

So this is a brief tribute to the Cohen who brought his own take on “Shalom” to the Big Screen.

Spock was a mentor for all of us, someone we looked up to for reason and truth in a world of lies.

And William Shatner should not be blamed. It’s not his fault. The Red Cross needed him. Yesterday it was a dress, today it is him… it’s not personal.

But a tad sad.

Here is wishing all of his family a long life.

Live Long and Prosper To All of us.