‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Watch Britt Nilsson’s Meltdown On ‘Women Tell All’ — Girls Call Britt ‘Fake’ [Video]

The Bachelor: Women Tell All promises to be drama-filled on Monday night, with Britt Nilsson’s meltdown will be one of the highlights of the two-hour special. Several ladies will be in the hot seat during the show, but it’s Britt’s tear-filled moments on stage that will have fans wondering if she’s faking it for attention, or if she really did feel attacked by the other cast members while taping the show.

ABC released a video preview of the Women Tell All special (watch video below), with a clip from Britt’s appearance in the hot seat. Host Chris Harrison asks Britt, who is decked out in a shiny, gold dress, why she came on the show. Her answer? “Love, if you want to put it the simplest way.”

The 27-year-old waitress was immediately challenged by a few of her co-stars, namely Samantha Steffen and Carly Waddell, who called Britt out for being fake on the show.

“Since day one, there was something off,” Samantha tells Chris Harrison, pointing out that Britt’s appearance on the show was “was more about being there for the cameras” than for love.

Britt breaks into tears as she tries to defend herself, stating that although her co-stars think she manipulated Bachelor Chris Soules into liking her, that their connection was “instantaneous.”

“I feel like everyone’s putting me into these positions where I can’t win. I liked him too much? I don’t like him enough. I don’t take enough showers. I wear too much makeup. I’m too high maintenance. So many stories about me. I’m just like, ‘Come on.'”

Jillian Anderson, the cast member who was covered by the now-famous “black box” throughout her time on the show, tried to speak up for Britt, but could not be heard over the others who were arguing with Britt about her authenticity.

Amidst her tears, and before the preview clip ends, Britt takes the time tell Carly that she “pretty much narrated my entire love story” — words that lead to what WetPaint states will be Britt and Carly “getting into it,” leading to a “pretty explosive” few moments on the Women Tell All special.

Bachelor Chris Soules will appear on the show to face the ladies he rejected, and while many fans think he may support Britt, that may not happen. According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Chris ends up giving kudos to Kaitlyn Bristowe, but completely disses Britt.

Drama aside, Britt apparently recovered from her time on-stage — she looks perky and ready to move on in the clip below.

Tune in to watch the Bachelor: Women Tell All special at 8 p.m. ET on March 2 on ABC.

[Image: ABC]