‘Saturday Night Live’ Brave Skit: ‘Say What You Wanna Say’ Lands On YouTube’s Popular Page [Video]

Saturday Night Live poop

The video titled “Say What You Wanna Say – Saturday Night Live” is quietly going viral, according to YouTube’s “Popular Right Now” page, landing the three-minute, 48-second SNL skit’s video in the fourth position of the 100 videos on the page as of this writing. Within a short time of being uploaded to YouTube on March 1, the SNL video, which uses Sara Bareilles’ “Brave” song as its backdrop, has received more than 5,800 views and counting.

The refreshing part of the “Say What You Wanna Say” SNL clip that’s no doubt resonating with Saturday Night Live fans, is that the video shows five women who’ve decided to simply begin saying the things on their minds, no matter how rude those statements might be. Muted tongues and niceties fly out the window.

“Sometimes it’s hard to make our voice heard. We are taught to be polite. But we must be brave. And say what we want to say.”

SNL guest host Dakota Johnson, along with Saturday Night Live regulars Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant and Leslie Jones, go through various scenarios that involve them speaking their minds, beginning with Bryant’s character refusing to give an old friend she meets on the street her phone number. Because, as she honestly says, she doesn’t want to see him again and pretend they are friends. Cecily wants to eat all of Sasheer Zamata’s cookie after Zamata offers her a piece of her dessert. But the funniest part of the SNL skit comes when Sasheer is shown in the ladies room, primping in the mirror at the office. McKinnon, meanwhile, sits waiting in the stall atop a toilet, peeking through the crack, impatiently wanting Sasheer to stop messing around with her hair in the mirror so Kate’s character can take a poop. It’s the kind of scenario that plenty of privacy-loving poopers can relate to and empathize with, also wanting to yell out for everyone to leave the office restroom.

The SNL skit that encourages a revolution to cease holding back real feelings and begin telling the truth with a Sara Bareilles anthem in the background was an apparent viral hit. Dakota Johnson also had plenty of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ references, as predicted and reported by the Inquisitr once the Saturday Night Live promos began. Dakota didn’t disappoint, even pulling in her parents, Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, for a scene during her opening monologue.

[Image via Youtube]