Shameless Shoplifter: Professional Shoplifter On Government Benefits Talks Making Over $3 Million Shoplifting

Kim Farry has been dubbed “Britain’s Most Shameless Shoplifter.” According to the Mirror, her lavish lifestyle, impeccable wardrobe, designer shoe collection, and array of handbags were all acquired trough some form of shoplifting. But, that’s not all! Apparently, she’s made quite a fortune stealing from others and she’s quite proud of the hard work she’s put in for the past 44 years.

Farry has built a million-dollar empire stealing from others. To make matters worse, her six children are also trained shoplifting “professionals” specializing in the same “line of work.” During a seemingly awkward interview with Sunday People, Farry shamelessly bragged about her “accomplishments” and even shared some jaw-dropping details about her unconventional money-making method and her accumulation of wealth.

The shameless shoplifter also recounted how her career as a criminal began. Farry argued that she did what needed to be done to provide a better life for her children. Although she admits she didn’t set the best example for her oldest children — she’s been in and out of jail for stealing — she still insists she made the right decisions at the time.

“I’m not ashamed of what I’ve done, I’m proud. I was untouchable. I made millions and had a life most ­normal ­people can only dream of. It really annoys me when people say I’ve never had a job because I worked at my business non-stop for over four ­decades. It just happens that my business was shoplifting.”

“I just had a talent for it. I could disguise myself with wigs and make-up or by changing outfits and 99 times out of 100 no one suspected. I used to nick a load of stuff then go and have a cuppa with the security guards, that’s how good I was. When I had been doing it for a few years I realized it was more about attitude than anything else. I could steal anything.”

“One day I went past MFI and there was a display outside with electrical ­appliances. The biggest one was a cooker, so I thought I’d go for that. I went back with a bloke who had a van and we just lifted it up and walked off. No one stopped us. It was just something that came ­naturally to me so it seemed silly not to do it. I started to get a name for myself and people knew to come to me.”

But, the situation actually gets worse. After an estimated $3 million earned, the shameless shoplifter still lives in public housing and receives government benefits, reports the Daily Mail. Since the income from shoplifting can’t be claimed, on paper it looks like she’s still in dire straits. So, she reportedly receives over $800 a month in government benefits. However, she admits that she wants to stop shoplifting to set a better example for her youngest child, 14-year-old Paris.

“The only reason I want to stop now is so my daughter won’t be punished for what I’ve done. I’ve lost enough loved ones through my crime and I don’t want to lose her too. It’s only now Paris is older I realize this is my last chance to get it right as a mother. I want her to be able to have her mates over and not worry about there being my gear all over the flat. But if I can’t get more money legally I don’t know how much longer I can go on like this. If someone offered me a job I would take it and I’d work hard.”

Although she insists she wants to make positive changes, the “shameless shoplifter” also justified her actions. Farry argues that the government actually motivates individuals like her to commit such crimes because of the low amounts paid in government benefits.

“I refuse to believe that anyone can live on the money provided by the government in benefits. There’s no way I can maintain my lifestyle or anything close to it. The government is living in denial if it thinks people are going to live on benefits and not do everything they can to top it up, illegal or not. I don’t want to but I know that if my TV breaks tomorrow or I can’t pay my phone bill or buy food, I will be back out there shoplifting.”

She revealed she’s gone eight weeks without shoplifting, but it definitely doesn’t seem like she’s given up her old habits. Although she may desire to stop, it doesn’t’ seem likely.

“I will try but I’m going from ­riches to rags. Why would I give up living like an A-lister for this? This is the longest I’ve been without shoplifting since I was a child and it’s unbelievably hard. I’m used to being in the lap of luxury and never worrying about money. Now I’m back to wondering where my next meal is coming from.”

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