A Batman Hotel Can Give You Access To The Batcave For Only $50 A Night

For those who shamelessly love us some Batman, Taiwan has answered our (secret) request and opened a Batman hotel where guests can escape into the cape crusader’s Batcave.

Here, you can seduce your Selena Kyle amongst the batcave style walls, soak away your problems in the bat-tub, or just chillax on your Batman double bed and watch something (possibly The Dark Knight) on the bat-TV.


The Eden Motel is a geek-themed hotel that features numerous suites that are dedicated to paying homage to movies, comic book characters – and Greek, Egyptian and pop culture. From the Sex and the City room to Aquaman, Sherlock Homes, and the Alcatraz prison suite, this Taiwanese getaway seeks to titillate guests’ inner nerd fantasies.

The Batcave
The Gothom City hideout

The Batcave, which is the most popular room at the Eden Motel, is in such demand that it actually rents in three-hour increments at $50 per stay. The suite is adorned with bat symbols and even miniature gargoyle ornaments, which adds a little je ne sais quoi to the Gothom-esque room.

The batmobile in the Batcave
There's even a batmobile in the Batcave
The bat signal adding a little Gotham vibe to the Batcave

According to the Daily Mail, Batman fans have pointed out that there are various Batman styles in the Batcave, one style used by Michael Keaton, and the other is similar to Christian Bale’s Batman in The Dark Knight trilogy.

Plus, if lovers are looking for a discreet rendezvous, but aren’t interested in the Bat, a few other rooms are also available by the hour, or three.

[Image via Eden Motel]