VIDEO: Topless Cafe Adds New “Perk” To Maine Coffee

Talk about getting a perky start to your day: A Maine coffee shop has decided to set itself apart from the competition by taking the tops off–of its waitresses, that is. The appropriately titled Grand View Topless Coffee shop opened its doors in the town of Vassalboro, Maine this week. Needless to say, the topless cafe is already creating quite the stir.

The Topless Coffee Shop

Grand View Topless Coffee saw plenty of protests prior to its opening this week. But so far, owner Don Crabtree says business has been promising.

“We want to keep the girls respectable, not trashy,” Crabtree tells the local paper. “The biggest thing is keeping people happy.”

As such, the topless cafe makes its rules clear: You have to be over 18 to get in, you can’t take photos, and you can’t touch the gals.

The Topless Cafe Staff

To be fair, Maine’s topless coffee shop isn’t just for the fellas’ eyes: Three of its 10 waiters are guys (who, you guessed it, also walk around without shirts). Clearly, though, it’s the female exposure grabbing most of the attention. One of the topless waitresses tells the Morning Sentinel she had one customer who came in, gulped down his coffee in minutes, handed her a $100 bill, then left–all without saying a single word.

“I love it,” one of the girls tells the paper. “I find it very empowering, not degrading.”

Crabtree tells the media a full 150 people lobbied for the jobs. Only 10 were hired.

Right now, the Grand View Topless Coffee shop serves up donuts ($2 each) and regular New England Coffee ($3 a cup). You can get any cup size you want–just don’t ask for the milk.

Topless Cafe Video

The following report shows video inside the Grand View Topless Coffee cafe, including interviews with some of the employees.