Toddler Cyberbullied: 2-Year-Old With Rare Condition Humilitated By Social Media Users, Bullying Sparks Outrage

Two-year-old Mariah Anderson recently became a victim of cyberbullying. The toddler, who was born with a rare condition known as Chromosome Two Duplication Syndrome, has been bashed by social media users for her appearance. Now, her mother is speaking out about the insensitive comments.

According to WCBD, Mariah has been plagued with health issues and impairments since the day she was born. So, life hasn’t been the easiest as she’s spent most of her days fighting just to live. Her second birthday signified strength and perseverance, which is why her mother, Kyra Pringle, opted to share her commendable feat with the world. On Saturday, February 21, she took to Facebook with a heartfelt post about the significance of her little girl’s birthday. But, unfortunately, her message didn’t get the response she was hoping for.

Sadly, an overwhelming number of comments were bashing statements about her daughter’s appearance instead of the powerful story her mother was trying to share. The picture she posted of her daughter reportedly went viral, but for all the wrong reasons. Thousands of social media users allegedly shared the picture, with highly inappropriate, bashing comments about the child’s appearance. There have also been photoshopped versions of the picture and bashing Instagram memes circulating on social media. Needless to say, she’s quite outraged about all of the insensitive comments that have been made about her daughter’s appearance.

During a recent interview with a local news station, Kyra revealed she’s even received death threats for her daughter, in addition to messages poking fun at her daughter’s appearance. The insensitive comments have since been removed from Facebook. However, there is a silver lining. The negativity has also led to an overwhelming outpour of support for the little girl.

Many Facebook users have shown their support by sharing Mariah’s picture, and even changing their profile pictures to show support for her family. So, Kyra took to Facebook with a heartfelt response to the many supporters who have reached out to her since the disheartening ordeal.

“I can’t say THANK YOU ENOUGH…to our community…. I promise this is a trying time for me…as her mom…I can’t believe that some many is standing in the gap for Mariah…the calls…the texts…the inboxes…the changing of the profile pictures…I’m so THANKFUL….I haven’t got to everyone…but please don’t think I’m ignoring you….I have read it and continue to read it in my darkest hour…when I feel down I go back and read the encouraging words….when I say this has… hit hard it has….I’m trying my best to put my best foot forward…but only GOD can healed the wounds that I feel…some of the comments plays in my head over and over…but its nothing but the devil trying to distract me from the GOOD….everyone in our community knows Mariah story and you guys have fought with me from the beginning…but now its time for the world to know about MY MARIAH…for them to know how strong of a baby she is and how she has inspired many….that smae smile that they are laughing at has got me through so much….she’s my daughter and she have inspired me in so many ways to still push forward no matter the circumstances…CROSS…RIDGEVILLE…SUMMERVILLE… CHARLESTON….its time for the world to know OUR MARIAH…..again I thank each and everyone of you…..WE ARE MARIAH…..AND I AM HER MOMMY….‪#‎IGottaKeepGoing‬ ‪#‎MariahsMommy‬ ‪#‎GodIsGoingToHandleThis‬ ‪#‎OurCommunityIsMariah‬

Unfortunately, Mariah’s life expectancy is unknown. So, the family wants to move forward and forget about their daunting social media experience. “She’s just a joy, it’s a joy to have her right now. It’s just to the point where we’re enjoying her,” Kyra said.

[Image via Facebook, Kyra Pringle]