Drug Bust Leads To Discovery Of Record-Breaking Drug Tunnel

Erin Staley

A huge drug bust in Bisbee, Arizona led to the discovery of the longest drug tunnel in the area's history. According to Yahoo! News, local Bisbee law enforcement and the Border Patrol's canine unit were led to the drug tunnel following a tip. The tip initially led law enforcement to a U-Haul truck carrying 4,700 pounds of marijuana, worth an estimated $3 million.

Retracing the path of the U-Haul led law enforcement to a house in Naco, Arizona. Naco is a small town on the border of the United States and Mexico.

— CBP Mid-Atlantic (@CBPMidAtlantic) February 25, 2015

While the Naco drug tunnel is the longest tunnel in the area's history, it's far from the first. According to a Time Magazine report, more than 100 drug tunnels have been discovered on the border between the United States and Mexico since 2001. The Naco drug tunnel was discovered in a shed, but tunnels have even been discovered behind fireplaces. The tunnels are always in border towns and allow Mexican drug cartels to smuggle cocaine, marijuana, and heroin into the United States without being caught by Border Patrol or Homeland Security. While some of the tunnels are more rustic, tunnels have been found with electricity, water, and sophisticated air ventilation systems.

Don't think that tunnels are limited to the border between the United States and Mexico. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a seven meter long tunnel was discovered in Toronto in late February. The tunnel was located near a venue set to host the Pan Am Games, which begin July 7, 2015. Canadian authorities ruled out the possibilities of the tunnel being used as a drug lab, but the proximity to the Pan Am Games venue raised security concerns. More disturbingly, digging tools were found inside of the tunnel, suggesting that whoever was digging the tunnel hadn't completed the job.

By far the creepiest tunnel found in a house wasn't a drug tunnel at all. In 2013, a 15-year-old Imgur user named TwoBiteBrownie discovered a hidden staircase in his parent's bedroom. At the bottom of the staircase, TwoBiteBrownie and his younger brother discovered a small tunnel. The tunnel contained discarded Halloween candy wrappers, dolls, and a blanket. After alerting his parents and law enforcement, TwoBiteBrownie uploaded photographs of the tunnel taken from his phone. A fresh banana peel in the photos led many to assume that the incident had been staged or that whoever used the tunnel had very recently been in the house, but TwoBiteBrownie clarified that the banana peel belonged to him and was included in the pictures for scale.

All three of the tunnels will likely be boarded up or destroyed.