June 11, 2020
Terrence J Accuses Marlon Wayans Of Only Being Successful Due To His Family's Fame

Terrence Jenkins recently came under fire following his heated Instagram live battle with Marlon Wayans.

Hollywood Life reports that the former E! News host and Wayans had a virtual chat on Wednesday, June 10. The conversation between the two eventually went south after they discussed how they reached their current careers. Jenkins told the White Chicks star that he became successful without a family name. As Wayans fans know, the comedian has several other notable siblings, including Damon, Keenan, and Shawn Wayans.

"Listen, let me just school you on something man, this ain't all about your family, your family can't bail you out of this one, alright. There's other people in the world that are not Wayans' people," Jenkins said in the video.

Wayans instantly took offense to Jenkins' claims and said he was "disrespecting the culture" by making his accusations. He also said that while his family works together on several projects, they each have their own talents outside of their families.

"Let me tell you something about family, I don't ever need them to bail me out of nothing," Wayans said. "They raised me, if you ever think I'm great because of me, you're wrong. I'm great because of the tribe that raised me. You're gonna respect the tribe."

Following their exchange, many social media commenters shared how they were appalled by Jenkins' remarks. Several users shared photos of Wayans in roles outside of his family's iconic films. They also credited the Wayans family's legacy and advised Jenkins to step down from the battle.

According to News One, the heated battle between Wayans and Jenkins began after the men discussed their support of black-owned businesses. During their conversation, Jenkins told Wayans that he's never seen him wear any labels from black designers.

Wayans then showcased his items and showed that he wears clothes from Virgil Abloh's brand, Off-White, and Fear of God by Jerry Lorenzo. This was reportedly what prompted Jenkins to accuse Wayans of not earning his fame on his own. The 106 & Park alum also referred to himself as a "self-made millionaire."

Although the argument seemed to upset both men, News One shared that the argument was a skit for the friends' podcast, The Ugly Truth. In a comment, Jenkins explained that during their show, they have a segment that's called "What Haters would Say." Jenkins said his comments were written by Wayans and wasn't reflective of what he truly thinks of the comedian.

Toward the end of the post, Jenkins shared the show will touch on more serious matters when it airs again on Thursday, June 11.