Apple Thinks Big With iPad Pro/Plus

As many people will say, the bigger is better and for the Apple iPad Pro/Plus, it rings true. An analyst at Apple confirmed that the technological giant will release a 12.9-inch version of the iPad Pro/Plus according to James Geddes of the Tech Times. The large screen is one of the enhancements confirmed for the iPad Pro/Plus, which is scheduled to be released in the final quarter of the year.

Given the recent success of the Microsoft Surface Tablet and other convertible tablets, the news that Apple is developing a larger model of their big selling product is welcoming. Die hard followers of the Apple brand should be more than pleased.

A larger display allows for a better resolution. That is not to say that the iPads of the past had a bad res, but with the advancements made by Apple's direct competitor Samsung, it was time for something to give.

The newest Apple product will be considerably larger than the 9.7-inch screen of the iPad Air and comparable to the 13-inch MacBook.

Rhonda Alexander, an analyst at the market research firm IHS recently spoke with Fox News confirming Apple's plans regarding the possible release date.
"Our supply side (sources say) it's a go for 2015. The release timing is fuzzy. It may not appear until Q4 (fourth quarter) with the other iPad updates. We are, however, getting input from both the component and [product] side that this is a real product, and part of their 2015 building plan."
Whether it releases during the final quarter of the year or in the realistic first quarter of 2016, anyone who gets their hands on the latest Apple product will be satisfied. As the case with Apple, there are assuredly other announcements to be expected before the time of release. One of the confirmations will be the updates which will be made to the newest version of the MacBook, as well as the existing products Apple has to offer.

Going back to the Fox News report, more apps that could rival what the Android operational system may be part of what Apple will have in store as well.

Consumers should also expect a larger memory than the 1 GB processor that was packaged with the iPad 5. The iPad Pro/Plus is rumored to have double the processing power, per the Christian Post.

Also confirmed was that the iPad Pro/Plus will have four speakers, giving us robust sound quality.

Can Apple fully please their consumer base with its biggest tablet yet? With what they have planned for the iPad Pro/Plus, the hope is a resounding yes.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]