Female Attorney Gets One Day Probation For Trying To Get Intimate With Cabbie Who Filmed It

Harvey Farrell

A 34-year-old New Orleans attorney, and well-known local radio host, was given a slap on the wrist and ordered to serve one day of probation, afer having been caught on camera trying openly to get intimate with a cab driver.

Jennifer Gaubert was convicted on a charge of criminal mischief for the incident which had followed a night’s drinking.

Having done the right thing and taken a cab home instead of driving, Gaubert was filmed, without her knowledge, clearly coming onto cab driver Harvey Farrell, who took the steamy 3 minute footage.

While the footage itself was cringeworthy enough, just for the sheer embarrassment factor which Gaubert faced when her advances were rejected, what she did was considered to be illegal, and that is why she ended up with the symbolic sentence of one day’s probation.

In an interview with Nola, Gaubert admitted that she was drunk when she got into the cab, following an alcohol-filled meal she had with friends at the Galatoires eatery.

For her part, Gaubert claims the encounter was mutual and consensual, as she alleged that she and the cabbie had fooled around near her home in Lakeview before he started filming.

At the time she said to reporters, “What I did was embarrassing and stupid, but it wasn’t a crime. What he did to me was criminal.”

Even though Gaubert does appear to definitely be trying to persuade the driver to engage in sexual acts with her, pulling her skirt up and touching her underwear, she is heard saying that Farrell was alright kissing her just a few moments before.

While it was really Farrell who was guilty of the crime of extortion and video voyeurism at the time the incident took place, prosecutors dismissed the case and instead charged Gaubert, who they say lied to police.

Gaubert’s attorney, Buddy Spell, said after the hearing, that Gaubert was, “certainly thankful that she wasn’t convicted of a felony.”