‘The Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: Ian Somerhalder Talks Eerie Episodes As Nikki Reed Reveals Supernatural Sex [Video]

The Vampire Diaries gets eerie.

The Vampire Diaries has been taking a bite out of what happens in the supernatural realm for six seasons. And what’s ahead for the eerie show just might set new standards for vampires around the world, reported the Christian Post.

Although The Vampire Diaries does not return until March 12, Ian Somerhalder has been revealing tantalizing tidbits for viewers about his role as a director as well as his character, Damon Salvatore.

Ian credited both the cast and the writers.

“I had an incredible story that Brian Young and Caroline Dries wrote. And literally a group of my – my cast – my brothers and sisters, everyone had my back,” praised Somerhalder. “It was the coolest environment to learn in, and thank you Warner Bros for the couple million bucks to spend really creating an incredible 42 minutes of television. It was my favorite professional experience ever.”

Julie Plec, showrunner for The Vampire Diaries, talked with Variety about Ian’s directing debut. She emphasized that actors on the show don’t automatically get the title of director — they have to earn it.

“We wanted [the cast] to have this opportunity, but we also wanted them to take it seriously and wanted them to understand it’s not just like, oh you’re the star of the show so you get to direct,” stressed Plec.

“We made a bootcamp list of things that they need to have accomplished before. Even if we assigned the episode, we would take it away if they didn’t run through the proper hoops — sitting down with the studio, prepping an episode from start to finish, going to L.A. and sitting with the editors, shadowing directors on set — we had a full-on list.”

But Ian isn’t just lurking in the shadows when he’s not directing and acting. He and fiancee Nikki Reed stay busy with charity work, reported People.

“One individual can actually do something, can change the world,” declared Nikki.

She also revealed what it’s like sleeping with Ian, focusing on the discovery that she’s had about making a difference and noting that both of them discuss their dreams for the future.

“We do wake up in the morning and talk about those things,” revealed Nikki. “That’s the revelation that I’ve had in the last couple of years is understanding my role in this.”

She’s been focusing her efforts on animals but stresses that Ian shares her belief that giving back in any way strengthens bonds.

“I think it all stems around the idea that everything is connected,” clarified Reed. “And so what’s actually I think nurtured this long friendship that we’ve had is that we are passionate about similar things.”

As the Inquisitr reported, life on set has sometimes been awkward for Nina Dobrev, who plays Elena on The Vampire Diaries, since she and Ian ended their romance and he became engaged to Nikki.

Nina posted an Instagram message revealing her feelings.

“Why don’t you tell me that ‘if the girl had been worth having, she’d have waited for you?’ no sir, the girl really worth having won’t wait for anybody,’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald.”

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