Michelle Obama Plans To ‘Fight Back’ Against Fast Food Ads Aimed At Children

First Lady Michelle Obama has added another task to her Let’s Move! campaign. The campaign began five years ago, when the first lady promoted exercise around the country and changed the portion size of school lunches, all with the help of celebrities to peak children’s interest. Now, Michelle calls for those same influential people with deep pockets to assist her in a new task: fighting unhealthy food advertisements that are aimed at children.

“If folks are going to pour money into marketing for unhealthy foods, then let’s fight back with ads for healthy foods.”

Though Michelle Obama has been trying to combat childhood obesity by promoting healthy diet and exercise for years, she believes that food ads are the enemy that could prevent her message from getting through and showing results. Her solution is to “fight back.”

“Let’s fight back with ads for healthy foods, right? Let’s do this.”

Michelle’s strategy in fighting back is to promote fruits and vegetables more than fast foods, Politico reports. This effort is in the partnership of the Public Health Agency, and according to Chairman James Gavin, the partnership is a win for both parties.

“The fruit and vegetable marketing machine has arrived.We’re pulling out all the stops. We’ll stop at nothing until this country is asking for more FNVs, please.”

Also in support of Michelle Obama’s ‘fight’ is Lawrence A. Soler, CEO of the PHA. Solar explained the marketing plan more thoroughly.

“FNV was inspired by big consumer brands, whose tactics are relentless, compelling, catchy and drive an emotional connection with their products. We want to do the same thing for fruits and veggies, which have never had an opportunity to act like a big brand. Until now.”

In true Michelle Obama fashion, she invites more celebrities to support and help promote her campaign. In recent years, she has used celebrities like Beyonce and NBA star Shaquille O’Neal. Recently, the Let’s Move! campaign with the added fruits and veggies promotion task has included actresses like Kristen Bell and Jessica Alba. Also joining the roster are athletes such as New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Because of her efforts, Michelle has been given a title other than First Lady from Lorelei DiSogra, VP of the United Fresh Produce Association.

“She’s the captain of team produce.”

While some anti-President Obama politicians and food elitists believe Michelle’s efforts to be unhelpful, many produce organizations and healthy-living celebrities are pro-“Captain” Michelle Obama.

[Image via Liberty Resource]