Thousands Stranded On The Alps After Huge Fallen Boulder Blocks Main Mountain Road

stranded alps

According to the latest reports, thousands of holidaymakers are stranded in the French Alps due to a 50-ton boulder which fell and blocked the main mountain road, leaving traffic backed up for miles.

The tailback, which at some point was reported to be 50 miles long, was not a pleasant place to be, and holiday coaches were stopped from entering or leaving the mountain resorts in the Tarentaise Valley on Friday morning.

Some stranded skiers took to social media to tell the world about their plight, like Mike Parkes from England, who tweeted, “Delay getting out of Alps due to 100 tonne boulder that has decided to fall into the road! #annoying This never happens to #judithchalmers.”

Another stranded tourist, Claire Zillman, tweeted, “1st for everything: ‘a boulder cracked the road so there’s no traveling in or out of this village. Skiing in Alps was spectacular until now.”

In order to rescue the stranded holidaymakers, tour operators are reportedly planning to hire special minibuses to evacuate people who are itching to get on a plane and make it back home.

One well-known British tour operator, Crystal Ski Holidays, said it had arranged overnight accommodation for 500 British tourists who arrived at Chambery and Geneva airports.

The tour operator also used social media as a way to get the message out to its clients.

“The authorities are presently only allowing light diverted traffic out of resort and no traffic up to resort. For customers in resort, please speak to your rep for details of accommodation for tonight. We are working on plans to get you home tomorrow.”

In addition to that message, a spokesperson for Crystal Ski told reporters, “People who have departed from various airports are being accommodated at Alberville, just down the valley. The authorities are not allowing us to use the road. We are trying to get people through the side roads but these are not suitable for coaches so we are organising a fleet of mini buses. We hope take them to the airport tomorrow.”