Jennifer Lopez Untouched Photos From Her 2011 L'Oreal Campaign Look Amazing

Jennifer Lopez is the latest celebrity to have untouched photographs circulate on the internet.

The recent trend began with Cindy Crawford, whose outtakes from an old magazine shoot showing Crawford's less-than-taut abs started a conversation about body image. Beyoncé was next; her untouched photos of apparently rough skin ran counter to her flawless persona. Now, photos of Lopez from her 2011 L'Oreal campaign are making the rounds, and Lopez looks amazing.

It should be clear that these are not "make up free" photos. Lopez has clearly spent time with a stylist and had color applied to her eyelids and brows. The lighting is also quite dark, and none of the photos are close-up shots of Lopez's face. Regardless of these details, the body of the former dancer, now 45, would be the envy of almost any woman, whether or not she is in show business. Complex said Lopez looks "a bit more tired than she normally does," but, apart from that, looks amazing.

InStyle quoted Lopez from a L'Oreal promotional video about what the campaign meant to her in a piece that covered its launch four years ago.

"I'm just trying to express that you can be in control and look great. It's about being a modern woman and all the things that we have to deal with and still being able to stay sleek, smooth. And I like that idea for women. I like the idea of being in your own power, in control."
On Saturday, the VH1 blog noted that the leaked Beyoncé photos and the leaked Jennifer Lopez pics are both from old L'Oreal campaigns. It prompted them to ask, tongue-in-cheek, what kind of security the corporation has and who might be next.

Jennifer Lopez, in addition to her work as an actor, singer, and American Idol judge, is the mother to 7-year-old twins. On their birthday last weekend, Lopez tweeted a selfie with her children and their father, musician Mark Anthony.

Anthony and Lopez are divorced, but Jennifer recently told People she is still looking for love.
"I still believe in the fairy tale."
[Main image: Jennifer Lopez at the 87th Academy Awards: Getty]