Ping Pong The Hen Lays Perfectly Round Egg Which Sells On eBay For $700

Addam Corré

When Ping Pong the hen laid an egg that was perfectly round, her owner, Kim Broughton, was more than a little "shell-shocked."

Perfectly spherical chicken eggs are seriously rare, so Kim decided to take full advantage and placed the egg for sale on eBay to see what kind of interest it would garner.

And garner interest it did; it sold for an amazing $700 not long after it was featured on the auction website.

When the hen, renamed Ping Pong for obvious reasons, laid the perfectly round egg in her garden in Latchingdon, Essex, in the UK it was February 17, which is Pancake Day in Britain, and her owner wasn't sure what to do.

Nevertheless, Kim didn't auction the egg for personal profit and instead will be using the proceeds to give cash to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust after a friend's son died from the disease.

To Kim's mind, whoever bought the egg wouldn't be using it to make pancakes or an omelette. For that kind of cash, it's the type of thing one would want to preserve.

The round egg, which has been dubbed the" Scarlett Johansson of the chicken world," attracted 64 bids, but the identity of the winner is still unknown.

Even though Kim says she was tempted to cook the egg, she decided not to when she was told it was a "one-in-a-billion" egg.

The owner told reporters, "I was literally about to crack it open to make a pancake when a mate saw the photo I put on Facebook and messaged me to say 'Don't do it! Apparently somebody had sold one before for more than £90 so I thought 'Great if I can sell if for that'. When it was at £20 I thought 'Who'd pay that for an egg?' and then it went through the roof. It's unbelievable. I'm so happy as the cause is so close to my heart."

Speaking to BBC Essex, the proud hen owner added, "At the moment it's safely in my son's lunchbox padded with kitchen roll - but if I send it in a hard box it should be quite safe."