UFO Captured Hovering Over Eiffel Tower In Webcam Video — What Is This Strange Light In The Sky?

UFO Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower appears to be a lightning rod for UFO sightings. In October, for example, an entire “fleet” of UFOs was seen buzzing the famous monument in Paris, France. Now, a sharp-eyed observer watching the Eiffel Tower via webcam has spotted another strange anomaly in the sky.

What do you suppose this one is? A defect in the video? A cloud? A flat-out fake?

Or is there something to this UFO sighting? Something very strange.

The UFO was spotted by YouTube UFO hunter Anna Toth, who was viewing the Eiffel Tower Earth Cam when she observed a bright, white object behind a cloud in the webcam shot. So she pointed a camera of her own at the screen and took the video above.

While Toth wondered if the strange object, which can be seen breaking away from the cloud and hovering against the blue sky behind the Eiffel Tower in the video, might be a drone, UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring vouched for her record of finding good UFO sightings — and for webcams in general as tools for spotting UFOs.

“This UFO was captured not in person, but seen on live Internet cam. The woman (Anna Toth) who saw it recorded it with her camera, rather than a screen recorder, causing the wavily lines to appear on the youtube screen,” Waring wrote on the UFO Sighting Daily blog.

“I have watched her videos for a few months and can say that she only posts real or believed to be real objects. I too use the live cams from time to time to search for UFOs. The digital camera will often pick up the UFO where normally the human eye would not even notice its existence. Try it sometime, you might get a surprise like Anna did.”

Waring enhanced the images from the video to zoom in on the mysterious object.

But zooming in even closer did little to reveal what the object might actually be.

Does the white, rectangular shape look like a flying craft of any kind to you? Is it just reflection off of a camera lens?

Whatever it is, the Eiffel Tower is indeed a hotbed of UFO action. In March of 2013, a UFO was spotted at the world-famous tourist attraction just four days before the Eiffel Tower itself had to be evacuated due to terrorist threats. So far, however, there have been no obvious repercussions of the latest UFO sighting there.

[Image: Gary M. Prior/Getty Images]