‘AFV’ Approved: Watching This Cat Riding A Dump Truck Will Make Your Day

For most families who have pets, cats and dogs are just another member of the family, and just like any member of the family, they do cute and silly things at times.

The Inquisitr previously reported on such hilarity pertaining to the furrier members of said families, which includes cats and dogs who seem to struggle to stay awake. However, they have this uncanny way of melting even the most stoic people when they make their eyes extra big and cute.

Now, a new video is making its rounds on YouTube. Apparently, a lot of people found it entertaining to watch a cat ride in the bed of a dump truck.

The video was uploaded with the approval site of America’s Funniest Videos on February 25, 2015. As of this moment, it has almost 40,000 views with 53 likes. Apparently, nobody hates watching cute, furry cats ride around in dump trucks because it has no dislikes as of the publication of this article. As shown from the video above, it is simply a cat sitting lazily in the bed of a toy dump truck as their owner drives them around. The look on the cat’s face either shows resolve in the situation or just plain apathy, something cats are known for in certain situations. It must be recognized by the sounds heard near the near the end of the video, the dump truck may have “crashed and burned.” Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

Right now, the cat riding a dump truck video is on the #PopularOnYoutube list, sitting at spot number 45. Given the fact it is only halfway through and just recently uploaded, it may not last long in the top 50. However, it may still have some life on Sunday in the latter fourth of the top 100. It should be off the list by Monday, but you never know.

[Image via Youtube Screen Capture/AFV Approved]