Meghan Markle's Best Friend, Jessica Mulroney, Is Fired After Racist Messages Surface Online

Jessica Mulroney, a Canadian television personality who is also well-known for being the best friend of Meghan Markle, has been fired from her hosting job after a series of messages she wrote that many have deemed to be racist surfaced online.

According to Vanity Fair, the messages surrounded Mulroney's interactions with a popular black Canadian lifestyle blogger named Sasha Exeter.

The feud began when Exeter posted a message on social media where she urged everyone with a public platform to speak out in support of Black Lives Matter and denounce the death of George Floyd. Mulroney reportedly believed Exeter's message was a veiled personal barb, as she had not posted about racial justice on her own social media channels.

In response, Mulroney sent Exeter a series of accusatory messages where she claimed that Exeter's voice did not "matter" because it was not being used with enough "kindness." Mulroney further stated she believed Exeter had treated her "unfairly" and warned the blogger that she had complained to several companies with which Exeter had a brand ambassadorship.

Mulroney then blocked Exeter on her social media channels.

"What makes the situation really horrendous is the threat or the claim that she was going ahead and speaking to brands and companies that I potentially have worked with or am currently working with or could possible [sic] work with. That's a threat to my livelihood," Exeter explained in an emotional video to fans posted on her Instagram.

"For her to threaten me, a single mom, a single Black mom, during a racial pandemic, blows my mind. It is absolutely unbelievable," she continued, dubbing the interaction her own "Amy Cooper" moment.

Amy Cooper is the white Canadian woman who called the police on an African-American birdwatcher in New York's Central Park in late May.

Once Exeter made their communications public, Mulroney reportedly tried to backpedal -- even referencing Meghan Markle in her apology by pointing to the racial experiences of her "close friend."

However, Exeter stated it was too late, especially since Mulroney concurrently sent a private message to her threatening a libel lawsuit, which appeared to undermine that public apology.

"How can you be about the Black people and be about female empowerment on the outside when you are attempting to silence a Black woman during this movement, behind closed doors?" she concluded.

Public outcry soon followed Exeter's allegations, with many social media users claiming that Mulroney's messages were "racist," according to

As a result of the interaction, Mulroney has been fired from CTV and her television show, I Do, Redo, has been dropped. In addition, Smash & Tess, Hudson's Bay, and Kleinfeld Canada have all ended their partnerships with the former host.

The Duchess of Sussex has not made any comment on the matter, though she had recently voiced her support for racial justice in a commencement address, as was previously covered by The Inquisitr.