‘Now Here’s A Real UFO’ — Mysterious Footage Baffles Online UFO Community

A video, titled “Now here’s a real UFO,” recently posted online has become the subject of debate in the online UFO community as enthusiasts struggle to determine the origin of the footage and the nature of the UFO captured in the video.

YouTube user Thisthingsirecord uploaded the mysterious footage to his YouTube channel on February 26, 2015.

He explained that he saved the footage from YouTube in May 2012 after it was uploaded by an unidentified user under the same title, “Now here’s a real UFO.” But the original uploader appeared to have taken down the video, and now Thisthingsirecord says he has “no further information regarding the origin of the video.”

“Personally, I’ve never been able to settle on whether these are even ‘flying objects,’ or an unusual but interesting atmospheric effect being created by someone/something… I don’t believe it’s CGI, but I’m no expert on that. I’ve sure as hell never seen anything like it, even online. I’m all ears for explanations, but I’ll admit that I tend to lean more toward it being an atmospheric phenomenon. What do you think?”

The video shows a luminous UFO burning brightly in the sky. It fades and flares intermittently. At first, it looks like a distorted image of the sun in the afternoon sky. But the appearance of a second identical object to the right indicates that we are not viewing a distorted image of the sun.

Both objects burn and flicker brightly side by side in the sky with the one to the left fading and flaring intermittently. Soon, a third brightly burning object appears.

The video provides no information that might give us a clue about what the objects were. But they appear to have the “classic” flying saucer diamond shape with a bulge on top and below.

YouTube user Thisthingsirecord posted the video to Reddit under the Reddit user name Loopb.

Early in the debate on Reddit, another user posted a link to a second YouTube video uploaded in 2012. The video shows two diamond-shaped UFOs identical to those in the previous video. The two UFOs glow with a white and orange light in the sky.

The YouTube user who uploaded the second video linked the UFOs with crop circles by suggesting that the UFOs were making crop circles in the fields. They appeared to have been filmed over fields during an atmospheric disturbance in the night.

Reddit user Justinbeatdown, who posted the link to the second video, commented that it “was definitely not filmed at the same time” as the first, “but the objects have amazing similarities.”

Note that the first video, titled “Now here’s a real UFO,” also shows the strange burning UFOs hovering over hilly fields. The similarity of the shape of the UFOs in the separate videos is unlikely to be incidental and thus might give a clue as to the origin of the first video.

Redditors Loopb and Spacebotzero were the first to make observations that partially explain the UFOs.

Spacebotzero commented that the diamond shape of the UFOs was likely due to the fact that the camera was not properly focused. Loopb made a similar observation.

“Camera wasn’t focusing so the lights appear as a diamond shape.

“This video, I believe, is an illustration of depth blur against bright objects. I’m not sure there’s a single second of those particular objects being in perfect focus. I’ve always felt that this particular footage was definite evidence of… flares.”

The blurry outline of the hills in the video confirms that whatever the lights were, they were out of focus.

But as some Reddit users observed, explaining away the space invader-like diamond shape of the UFOs does not explain what the lights were.

There was a consensus among Reddit users that the objects were real and not CGI. Some users thought they might be some form of atmospheric mirage in heated air similar to desert mirages. But no one ventured to cite an example of a similar mirage observed before.

What seems a good guess came from some who suggested they could have been hot air balloons illuminated from within.

Ghost Theory’s senior editor, Xavier Ortega, agreed with the YouTube user Thisthingsirecord and Reddit users that the footage does not appear to have been faked using digital software

“It’s impressive and definitely not done by any digital software. I’m throwing this out there to see if anyone remembers this video or has any other information about it.”

The word is out in the UFO community for anyone who has any information about the origin of the video and useful background information.