From Russia With Love: Country Celebrates In Streets, Parades ‘Missile’ To ‘Blow Up Barack Obama’

Fake Missile Russian Parade

Presently, the relationship between the United States and Russia through each country’s president, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, is not very favorable.

The Inquisitr previously reported about the tension between both countries/presidents. Most of this tension is centered on the situation happening in Ukraine. Apparently, Russia is concerned that the United States will use “World War 3” as an excuse to take over Ukraine. However, their concern isn’t met with fear, but with preparation, as Putin has reportedly ignored a cease-fire, bringing more troops and battlements to the warring country.

However, there seems to be one advantage Russia has over the United States, and that is the people’s support. Americans are split on what should be done about the Ukraine situation. In Russia, the majority of people are in full-support of Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. As a testament to their support, Russians paraded around a “missile” they would have “launched at Barack Obama.” Reportedly, it was a prop, but the message was crystal clear.

According to Forbes, Russia honored their military on Soviet Army and Navy Day, February 23rd. They seem to have amplified their nationalistic and patriotic pride, believing a return of their military glory. Such a view has Russians reinventing their status as a great country that is in danger from several enemies, including the U.S., Europe, and Ukraine. So when a mass demonstration of a fake ballistic missile was paraded in the heart of Moscow, the Kremlin surely approved. As a matter of fact, the Kremlin probably loved the special message written specifically to Barack Obama.

“To be personally delivered to Obama.”

It should also be noted that the celebration marks a year since Ukraine surrendered to Russia, ousting its corrupt president, Viktor Yanukovych. The Kremlin, however, has added one specific detail to the one-year anniversary celebration: remembering the fascist coup in Ukraine that was backed by the U.S.

As mentioned earlier, most Russians are in support of Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. That is not just a generalization, but a proven statement. Polls from the Levada Center show 80 percent of them have an anti-American sentiment since the situation in Ukraine, the highest since the Soviet Union era. Not only that, Breitbart reports military pride and anti-American feelings reaches the youngest of hearts, such as kindergartners holding mock weapons during “Rebel Day.”

Now that you’ve seen how Russians are joining together for a cause that is anti-American — mostly through displays that express their intent to attack the United States, shooting missiles at Barack Obama — what are your views? Do you think Americans need to rally against this situation or should we simply step back?

[Featured Image via Michael McFaul’s Twitter]