WWE News: Brock Lesnar Attends UFC 184

In what could be the beginning of one of the most interesting bidding wars in recent memory, current WWE world heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar attended the UFC 184 event on Saturday night and sat with the head honcho of UFC, Dana White, via Dave Sholler.

More notably, the former UFC heavyweight champion was not merely a spectator at the event. He made an appearance backstage to greet fighter Tony Ferguson during his warm ups prior to his fight against Gleison Tibau.

After the controversial events this week that saw Lesnar “walk out” of Monday Night RAW, rumors of Lesnar’s potential departure reignited. Issues between the champion and corporation ranged from him wanting to fight in the UFC and wrestle with WWE simultaneously to his WrestleMania opponent Roman Reigns failing a drug test.

At this point, nobody can predict where the “Beast Incarnate” will end up. Many have said that Lesnar re-signing with the WWE would be the best course of action. He is 37-years-old and not getting younger at this stage of his career. Pro wrestling, while physically demanding, doesn’t come with the risk that the real world of mixed-martial-arts does. Especially with the light schedule that Lesnar is fortunate enough to have had the past three years.

Alternatively, everybody knows that Lesnar is a superior athlete who enjoys the thrill of competition and winning. He is the currently the titleholder of the most prestigious championship in pro wrestling. However, we all know that Lesnar didn’t “win” that championship but was scripted to do so.

Lesnar has stated in prior interviews that it’s a good feeling to physically dominate his opponents. He doesn’t have that chance or luxury to purposely hurt people in WWE. Likewise, he wouldn’t have the luxury of his opponent doing their best not to hurt him inside the Octagon. With his well-documented bout with diverticulitis, trying to legitimately fight people is not the smartest thing.

One thing is for certain, Lesnar will go where the money is. He is a mercenary who fights a few times a year, for as much money as an organization can afford to pay him. Whether that company is the UFC, WWE, Bellator or Chipotle, he will go where he can line his pockets.

Conversely, this is likely an ingenious tactic by Lesnar to pit all of his potential bidders against one another. If the WWE is struggling to meet his asking price, he’ll just go to his next potential bidder to drive up his price tag and scare the WWE.

Nobody can deny the abilities that Lesnar wields. Despite the rage that he incites with his general indifference to the genres that helped create him, nobody can deny his abilities to draw crowds and help pay-per-view buys and generating revenue.

Therefore, if a company wants to make money, they’ll first have to pay Lesnar money.

[Image via WWE]