Is American Idol’s Adam Lambert Gay? Is there really any question?

American Idol contestant Adam Lambert sang for his spot in the final 12 tonight, and the internet lit up with people asking a simple question: Is Adam Lambert Gay?

We could argue that in a modern age, Lambert’s sexuality really doesn’t matter, but there is a simply answer.

Adam Lambert is gay. Is there really any question?

If he isn’t gay, then he’s doing a damn fine impersonation of being an extremely camp gay person, but the evidence for the question is quite clear.

In two clips we’ve found, Adam Lambert is gyrating with men while at times being dressed like a tranny. In one clip, he dry humps a male dancer, in another clip, he’s licked by men. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with either actions, these aren’t the actions usually undertaken on stage by straight men.

UPDATE: see also more proof that Adam Lambert is gay, including pics of him making out.

Here’s the Adam Lambert gay clips:

Adam Lambert is gay
by idletard